Talvin Singh ‘Butterfly’

I’ve been following Talvin Singh since I was a kid and have had the opportunity to see him live on 3 occasions, he never fails to amaze me. Butterfly is one of my favourite tracks from his debut album “OK” released in 1998 where he fuses Indian classical music and electronica creating a unique listening experience in the process.

Talvin Singh – Butterfly.wmv


B-12 – ‘The Silicon Garden’ (Flymocut)

I love digging for vinyl, am an absolute addict and what I’ve noticed is there are so many promos/test pressings without any info on them that collectors tend to pass up…I’m always curious as to what can be on them and very often come across some great stuff. This was one of them, I picked this up for 20p at a record shop in London. Deep electronica for afters or home listening.

The Silicon Garden (Flymocut)


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook – ‘Tracery’

I admire how some artists are able to make music that moves you without using lyrics but just the voice itself. Nusrat had one of the most amazing voices and that in combination with ambient guitar from Michael Brook, is one of the most emotive pieces of work I’ve heard till date.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Tracery (Audio)


Mirko Loko – ‘Tahktok’ (Ricardo Villalobos “Hilery’s Chant Remix”)

My go to track if I’m every feeling low, children chanting over a deep minimal 16 min Villalobos production, so much peace and tranquility in this track.

Mirko Loko – Tahktok – Ricardo Villalobos "Hilery's Chant Remix"


J Dilla- ‘Nothing Like This’ (Instrumental)

One of my favourite hip hop instrumentals, raw beats and a hypnotic sample throughout the track, so good!

J Dilla- Nothing Like This (instrumental)


Stars Of The Lid – ‘The Lonely People’ (Are Getting Lonelier)

I discovered Stars Of The Lid around 2013 and was blown away by their sound. This track in particular stands out from their catalog. Every layer of sound is designed and programmed so well. I love it when the low end comes in around the 3:45 min mark, so beautiful. I even included this track as an intro to an ambient mix I made 3 years back.

Stars of the Lid – The Lonely People (Are Getting Lonelier)


Ntombi & Survival – ‘Tomorrow’

I heard this on Antal’s Dekmantal set a couple of years back, such a feel good track from South Africa.

Ntombi & Survival – Tomorrow


John Martyn – ‘Small Hours’

I’m a sucker for ambient guitar, especially when it’s done so well like on this song made in 1977, mellows me out every time.

John Martyn – Small Hours – HQ


Brian Bennett – Ocean Glide

Mid tempo cosmic disco funk from Brian Bennett’s amazing 1978 album “Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)”, amazing production especially for its time.



Patrick Cowley – ‘Mockingbird Dream’

One of Patrick’s slower synth jams…timeless.

Patrick Cowley – Mockingbird Dream

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