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Korgis – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

The tune that made me realise there was more than full on techno and dark nightclubs. Cafe del Mar ’91 – Jose Padilla played it.

The Korgis - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime

A.R. Rahman – Mumbai Theme Tune

Fantastic for all hours of the day. A certain big sounding greatness over it. It was my alarm clock tune for years, maybe that’s why I’m still happy and smiling.

A.R. Rahman - Mumbai Theme Tune

Elisa Toffoli – Ancora Qui

This absolutely blew my mind the first time i heard it and it was on repeat for days. It all made sense when i found out that it was the ‘Grande Maestro’ Ennio Morricone behind it.

Ancora qui (Elisa Toffoli) Django Unchained

Mandalay – Beautiful (7″ Canny Mix)

A true classic for me, from the Cafe del Mar albums when they really were ground breaking and at its peak.

Cafe del mar vol. No 6 - Mandalay - Beautiful ✩╰☆╮✩

Steen Thottrup – Balearic Bliss (Original)

Well, I kind of felt I had to put this one in here :-). The first single from my new upcoming album of the same name. I’m super happy with it and it brings me on a journey of dreams, summer, beach and happy people around me.

Steen Thottrup - Balearic Bliss (Original Mix)

1 Giant Leap – I Love The Way You Dream (Feat. Michael Stipe)

This 3 part track really makes me dream and it’s my first eyeopener to documentaries. The ‘1 Giant Leap’ documentary still remains one of my all time favourites and I wish everyone would see it, as it brings views and people together.

1 Giant Leap - I Love The Way You Dream (Feat, Michael Stipe)

John Williams – Cavatina

A true masterpiece, it always create the goosebumps on me and especially at sunset.

Cavatina - John Williams

Nicos – Secret Love

A true Buddha Bar classic and a true piece of musical greatness melting cultures together.

Nicos - Secret Love (Official Audio)

Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix)

A true club classic and a different take on chill out. And it still brings back all those memories of great nights out.

Energy 52 - Cafe del mar (Michael Woods remix)

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderfull World

Well folks, It had to be in there. Best tune ever made… least after my opinion 🙂

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

Steen Thottrup – Balearic Bliss is out on August 4th 2017 on Francest!c Deep.