For a coming down after party:


Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert [Vinyl]

Piano and chill.

Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert [Vinyl]


Aphex Twin – Flim (Extended Version)

Busy, but at the same time so light and emotive.

Aphex Twin – Flim (Extended Version) (1080p HD/HQ)


Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians – Original 1978 Recording

Highly trance-inducing, great to work to or converse to, or simply to listen to.

Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians – Original 1978 Recording


Tangerine Dream – Thief (Extended Edition)

A beautiful electronic eighties escapade.

Tangerine Dream – Thief (Extended Edition)


Fred Åkerström – Glimmande Nymf 1976.

Strong interpretation of Swedish poet and singer Carl Michael Bellman’s (1740-1795) erotic tale.

Fred Åkerström: "Glimmande Nymf", 1976.


Bone Thugs N Harmony – Crossroads

Oh, the melancholy. How they kind of sing and rap out of tune really works for me.

Bone Thugs N Harmony – Crossroads


R.Kelly – Fallin From The Sky 

Love the piano licks, harmonies and that bass drum…

R.Kelly – Fallin From The Sky (Write Me Back)


Bill Frisell – Live To Tell

Your favourite Madonna cover! Only as live version on Youtube, the album recording is also great.

Bill Frisell ~ Live To Tell


Sandy Denny – East Virginia

Can´t get enough of this woman’s voice. A great rendering of this traditional.


Massive Attack – Paradise Circus 

Underrated song (and video!) – an intriguing take on desire.


His new EP 1 is out now and features the single ‘All The Scars’


Trilogy ‘Cut & Run’ (Telemachus Records)

Hotly tipped alternative electronic singer/songwriter, Torgny, marks his return with a new EP, the first of a three part EP series titled ‘Cut & Run’ due this year.
Oslo native Torgny’s previous album ‘Oil Panic’ drew critical acclaim and accolades, described by The Line of Best Fit as “another fine example of the sheer magnitude of talent that’s emerging from Norway right now.” 
All of three tracks on the EP tell stories about characters in a state of urgency – death, longing and heartbreak being key themes running through the EP. “‘Cut & Run’ is a phrase that originated in the 1700s and alludes to cutting loose a ship’s anchor and sailing away quickly from an urgent situation,” explains Torgny. “And I think the urge to get out or to be somewhere else can be felt in all of these songs.”
‘All The Scars’ is the first single from the EP and is an energetic, but also melancholic tune. The video for ‘All The Scars’ is based on the autobiographical film “La Pudeur Ou L’Impudeur” by French writer Hervé Guibert who documented the final year of his life and battle with AIDS. Guibert died 27 December, 1991.
The visual identity of ‘CUT & RUN’ is a collaboration with Austrian-Norwegian artist and photographer Willibald Storn.