Here is a small selection of some of the music I always tend to put on when at home. These include some of my favourite vinyl records as well as a few more or less random picks from the collection! Hope you enjoy!


Florian Meffert – Decent (Alan Castro Rmx)

If I was to have a small party at my home, where I play for friends this is one track which is such a perfect first record. Super groovy with a weird bass. I find Alan Castro to be one of the best South American producers, and I’m always on the lookout for his next release.

Florian Meffert – Decent (Alan Castro Remix) [ B2 on TPRV004 ]


Benno Blome – Drop Out

I am not sure why, but there is something magical about this record. I play it almost every time I DJ and people go crazy. I bought it by accident actually and it then became one of my favourite records. Maybe the reason I listen to it at home so much, is because I am still trying to understand what exactly about it makes it so different and special.

Benno Blome – Drop Out (Original Mix)


Saktu – Modularium

In this track, I like the way the drums are built and how they have implemented those weird analog modular sounds. It’s a bomb track and another perfect early warm up record for my house party.

Saktu – Modularium [SAKTU001]


Myles Serge – Tu

I found this record at a vinyl market and bought it for only €1!! I have it on repeat at home. I love how versatile this record is. It often turns out to be the best track of the night, especially when I play my acid techno / house sets. Makes a room so trippy at 6 am. Job well done, what a track!

Myles Sergé – Tu [THEMA044]


DJ Different – I Can’t

Remember DJ’s, there always has to be a record for all the girls with a broken heart, who came to the club to get drunk and impress everyone on the dancefloor with their sexy-ass moves lol That’s the one. Make a note. PS: it also works at home

Dj Different – I Can't


Underground Circuit feat. Omani – All Over me (Club Mix)

Oh, how do I say this… I used to love in East Village in NYC, right above the legendary A-1 record store. I often would spend 2-3 hours digging through their inventory, just to find maybe 2 records, but those two would be really something special. Like this one – I love it for every occasion, and don’t even get me started about this record and my gay friends. They LOVE that I have it and they love me for it. I’m not kidding!

Underground Circuit Featuring Omani – All Over Me (Club Mix)


Francesco Tristano – Sarasani (Feat P41)

Oh Francesco, such a genius / piano artist / rhythm composer. I think it’s one of the best “newcomer” vinyl releases Get Physical had recently. I do like all 4 tracks from the record, actually. ‘Sarasani’ is very nice for a groovy club party, but others, with beautiful piano parts, are perfect for home listening. I close my sets with that record pretty often.

Francesco Tristano – Sarasani (featuring P41)


Andre Galluzzi – Peeka Boo

Melodic, dark and unique track. Andre never disappoints.

Andre Galluzzi – Peeka boo(Original Mix)


Hyenah – Soak it feat. Nonku

I would call it my “emergency track”, if things are not going great and i need to bring girls back to the dancefloor. I “bartered” this record from Spacehall shop in Berlin, they’ve just exchanged this one for 3 records of my TochnoTechno label. Almost free lol (but not really).

Hyenah – Soak It feat. Nonku


Yulia Niko & Oleg Mass – Roadway

I figured, I’ll sneak this one in there! Ha ha. It was an exciting compilation EP for all of us… all new artists trying to break through, all of us from either Russia or Ukraine, united by this thing called music… I will never not play it – it has a special place in my heart and in my home.


Yulia’s ‘Acid Meow’ EP on Get Physical is out on the 26th November