London-based Jay Carder has been rapidly building momentum as a DJ around the UK and beyond. Her club sets infuse raw, tribal rhythms with house, breaks and percussive electronica, creating a journey that engages the more spiritual side of the dance floor as well as the ravers. From Dilla to Fela to Bonobo, her wide-ranging influences are rooted in music that expresses the soul.
Jay throws monthly events for the underground music and dance community with her collective 4 To The Floor London. These nights attract house dancers, hustlers, b-boys, voguers, waackers and other dance styles from Paris, Japan, Berlin from all major cities. As a result, she’s cut her teeth in clubs with powdered floors and crowds that dance with pure emotion. This unique connection to the floor is evident by her sets that defy you not to move.
Through various radio shows (Soho Radio), Jay explores an even wider range of musical styles. Friday night’s ‘Spotlight’ specialises in dance and underground club sounds, interviewing the likes of James Lavelle, Melé, Model Man; and Thursday morning’s ‘House of Carder’ delves into the world of trip hop, instrumental hip hop and all things downtempo. Ranking each time in Mixcloud’s top 10, House of Carder has recently been collaborating with Wavlngth to showcase the huge array of talent from unknown bedroom producers and artists from all over India.
As a resident for Snowbombing festival, Voyage Events and 4 To The Floor, and with both club and downtempo music featuring so frequently in Jay’s musical diet, 2020 will see her launch two labels to share the unique sounds from all corners of the planet that she regularly encounters.
Catch Jay Carder live at Kitsuné’s French Kiss Party on 15th February at Village Underground London with BALTRA, ADRYIANO B2B HARRISON BDP and THEO KOTTIS.


1. Pearson Sound – Earwig

The perfect start to what will become your love affair with tonight’s afters: Pearson Sound. Any of this super talented producer’s works will do, but there’s something about the dubby chug of Earwig that sets you up just perfectly for the festivities ahead.

Pearson Sound – Earwig [Video by Leila Ziu]

2. Geode feat C Tivey – Boogie Woogie

Geode is a supremely talented producer – any genre he touches sounds incredible. This track’s jazz-fuelled broken beats has just the right level energy for milling around looking for beer while trying to remember the name of the person you’ve just spent 45 minutes talking to.

Geode Feat C Tivey – Boogie Woogie

3. D.Tiffany – Butterfly Foundation

This tune is absolutely mesmerising. Musical layers, textures and ear-pricking sounds are folded into one another to create the perfect ‘post-club, but not ready to chill yet’ roller.

D. Tiffany – Butterfly Foundation

4. Marley Carroll – Woodwork

This is one of the first tunes I head of Marley’s and I became an instant fan. It’s superbly produced and incorporates every one of my favourite styles of music…rave, breaks, dub, world. The perfect mixture of light and dark, I’m in love with it even 8 years on and it’s a staple any time you’re back to mine.

Marley Carroll – Woodwork

5. Kelly Lee Owens – Omen

This is an understated, rolling beauty of a track. On a decent system the bass cuts right to the core and the gentle hi-hats mixed with woozy melody make this a bonafide after-party chiller.

Kelly Lee Owens – Omen

6. Skee Mask – Flyby VFR

You’ve found yourself a good spot on the sofa. You’re melting into it, watching the world go by to the sound of Flyby VFR. Skee Mask can’t really do wrong in my ears and this track is token to his incredible talents as a producer.

Skee Mask – Flyby VFR

7. Marti Nikko, DJ Drez – Making Space

If at any point during the afters you’re going to go a little west, this is the tune to enable it. I adore the extra ‘in-between’ notes created by citars and middle-eastern instruments. Coupled with a driving hip hop beat, this track could loop for days while you spend as long as you need in another dimension.

8. Vibin Out – Ruck P

Now you’re a few hours into the afters, the after-afters if you like, it’s time to continue the hip hop beats. This Ruck P number with its delicate flutes, piano and chill AF beats are an excellent soundtrack to that spot of sun on the horizon.

Ruck P – Vibin Out

9. $OB!N – Fuckingg yeah

OK face it – after the afters and the after-afters, there will come a point where your duvet calls. This is the tune to see revellers out the door and towards their sun-drenched wanderings home. There’s so much incredible trip hop and beats coming out of bedrooms in India – this mind-bending track is by $OB!N from Kerala.

$OB!N – Fuckingg yeah (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

10. Darondo – Didn’t I (Trishes Edit)

At the very end of the night, as you stand peacefully alone in a sea of empty cans and filter tips, the only sound for your over-stimulated mind is 70s funk and soul singer Darondo. The Trishes edit of his madly catchy track ‘Didn’t I’ is the tried-and-tested way to end any night with a smile.

Darondo – Didn't I (Trishes Edit)

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