Asha Puthli – Space Talk

This track from 1976 is the definition of smooth for me, besides being one of the most famous samples from Notorious BIG’s ‘World is filled’ classic, this tune will always be perfect to lay back and light a joint and relax to.

Asha Puthli - Space Talk (1976)

Cardace & Perazzini – Noir

Can’t get enough of the jazzy elements on this record by Cardace & Perazzini. What I love is the breakdown on this is super organic and loose. It has always been one of my goto’s.

Candido – Thousand Finger Man  

This one is an ultimate classic for me. Salsoul feel good music at it’s best. For some reason, I always picture it being played around Christmas time, intimate and sophisticated.

Candido - Thousand Finger Man

Dictaphone – Suitcase (It Suits U Mix)

All about the retro nu-wave vibe on this joint. This track for me is so universal. Throw it in a disco, electro, or minimal set, this track would work for both.

Dictaphone - A1 Locker + mp3 link

Dimitri from Brooklyn – I Knead You

A super classy re-edit of the disco bomb Sylvester – I need you. The arrangement is what stands out the most for me on this. Record is full of positive energy, you can only play this one out on special occasions.

Billy Ocean – Nights

Growing up in the city this one was a certified NY dance floor classic. This was the jam that got the night started and those lyrics were so on point, “One of them nights, one of them nights u feel like gettin down!”

Billy Ocean - Nights (Feel Like Gettin' Down)

Barbara Mason – Another Man

The beat on this one is everything, so funky. They used to be played this one at my local skating rink growing up in Jersey, nostalgic memories.

Barbara Mason - Another Man

Fugees – Zealots

Not much introduction is needed for the Fugees. Quintessential 90’s hiphop. Lauryn Hill’s flow on this one is untouchable.

Little Brother – War

Little Brother was one of the most underrated hip hop groups coming from North Carolina and are still probably one of my favourite all-time hip hop groups to ever existed. Real MC’s, promoting real music at a time when the overall hip hop sound was shifting away from what I like to think of as real hip-hop music. They had so many, but this was one of my favourites. Not to mention, one of my favourite hip hop producers, 9th wonder on the beat. 

Little Brother- War

Random Factor – Convergence

When I listen to this track I just feel like I’m in the future floating through space exploring different cosmos, such a jam ahead of its time, love Random factor.

Random Factor - Convergence