Back To Mine with My Friend Dario

Based in Catania, Sicily, Dario Aiello aka My Friend Dario has plenty of chances to longingly stare into the endless deep blue of the Ionian Sea. It should therefore come as no surprise that his debut EP for NuNorthern Soul, Cosmic Sailing, was received with great praise from the Balearic network. Although his recording career as My Friend Dario is still in its infancy, Aiello has already made an impact with a string of self-released singles, before offering up a handful of inspired remixes and tracks on Hell Yeah! Recordings. As his Cosmic Sailing release receives some stunning new remixes from Hot Toddy, Blair French, Willie Graff and James Bright, DMCWorld goes back to My Friend Dario’s… 


Pink Floyd – Wot’s… Uh The Deal
I found this track thanks to my father when I was a teenager, I feel a mixture of love, melancholy and hope whenever I listen to it.

Pink Floyd - Wot's... Uh The Deal

Miles Davis – Blue In Green
I love this standard, it is the perfect soundtrack for a romantic dinner because every chord change suggests there will never be any banal words.

Miles Davis - Blue In Green (Official Audio)

Lucio Dalla – L’ultima Luna – 1979
I played this song at the end of a DJ set for the birthday of one of my best friends in a squat where normally you play heavy music and it reminds me of the smiles and the joy of friends.

Lucio Dalla - L'ultima luna - 1979

24 GRANA – Loop
This is one of my favourite loops, the chorus in Italian sounds like it was sung in English and the words are very hypnotic.

Daft Punk – Make Love

Perfect for moving your hips while taking two glasses and a bottle of wine to the person who waits smiling on the sofa.

Daft Punk - Make Love (Official Audio)

Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties – Fly Away
You look out of the window to get some fresh air and feel the wind blowing that feels as light as the remix you are listening to.
Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties - Fly Away

Common Saints – Idol Eyes
I love this sound, its psychedelic and retro.

Gabor Szabo – Half the Day Is The Night
When you play this record, the atmosphere heats up, you look each other’s eyes, and the violins do their job.

Half the Day Is the Night (Remastered)

Alice Coltrane – Turiya And Ramakrishna
I listen to this track in the evening whilst driving home from work, its ideal for being at peace with yourself at the end of the day.

Alice Coltrane - Turiya And Ramakrishna

My Friend Dario – Horn
This is proper Back to Mine!
My Friend Dario - Horn

My Friend Dario ‘Cosmic Sailing Remix EP’ (Incl. Hot Toddy, Blair French, Willie Graff and James Bright Remixes) is out now on NuNorthern Soul.