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Little Dragon – Feather

Little Dragon is one of my favorite bands since many years. The lyrics are kind of abstract  with a poetic touch. Yukimi Naganos way to sing impresses me a lot- emotional but  unpretentious. Her japanese orgin can be heard in the melodie of “feather”. (Desiree)


Lana del Rey, Venice Bitch

Venice Bitch is a melancholic and dreamy song. Lanas voice sounds soft and tempting. The  song starts a bit cheesy but from minute 2,14 on the music catched me. I’m a big fan of her  retro-style music videos. (Desiree)

Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (Official Music Video)


NIna Hagen, TV-Glotzer

When I wasn’t born, the best Punk-Rock Band appeared in Germany. Nina Hagen was  educated in classical singing and mixed that capability with her expressive personality and  german punk lyrics on stage. the song “TV-Glotzer” lift me up and reminds me of my own  rebell heart. In my opinion Nina is still an idol for the female empowerment. (Desiree)

Nina Hagen Band - TV-Glotzer (Ich glotz TV)(Tubes) (live 1978) HD 0815007


Kyuss, Size Queen

This was my favorite song when I was 15 years old. A time when I was confused, angry but  full of hopes and dreams. Together with my good friend I took some drugs and listened to  Kyuss and other interesting bands we discovered at the time. I still love that song. (Desiree)

Kyuss - Size Queen


Basement Jaxx, Where’s your head at

I chose the live version of the song, because everyone was freaking out on stage and the  audience was so excited. The song is like a party and the show as well. I really like electronic  beats mixed with live instruments. I am so into a powerful energy by performing a song.  Basement Jaxx nailed it. (Desiree)

Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At (Glastonbury 2004 Live)


She Lies, Met You

She Lies is one of our projects on our label exlove records. We all lived together in a flat before we started this project inspired by 80s synth bands. Think this is a good indie dance track. (Michel)

She Lies - Met You


Trabant – Ragaszthatatlan szív

I live temporarily in Budapest. This is my favourite Hungarian Band. A New Wave Band that was active in the 80s in the communism time as part of the Hungarian underground scene. Had the pleasure to see them live at a reunion concert some years ago in Budapest. (Michel)

Trabant - Ragaszthatatlan szív (mozi)


Rainbow Arabia – Haunted Hall

A duo from Los Angeles, married couple Danny and Tiffany Preston. They really fascinate me with their mixture of Arabic Soundscapes and a unique New Wave feel. Love their first records and think i need this oriental Keyboard they used for their music. (Michel)


Kids From Fame – High Fidelity

When i was young i watched the Kids from Fame every Saturday on German Television and bought my first own record “The kids from Fame” on a school trip in London. Maybe Bruno was the reason to start my fascination for synths. (Michel)

Kids From Fame - Hi Fidelity


Dila – Inez

I am a collector and big fan of Brazilian music from the 60/70s. So this music piece from the vocal sensation Dila is a nice example from this fantastic music period. She tragically died in a car crash after her 1971 first album release. (Michel)

Dila - Inez (1971)


Pola Women – Disco Disco (Exlove Records)

Intriguing electronic duo Pola Women land on Rework’s Exlove label with a fantastic new six track EP. This duo is made up of Desiree Lune alongside Michel Kuebler, a pair who are split between Berlin and Stuttgart and are inspired by the aesthetics of 80s disco and cinema. Desiree is a singer and writer working on various different projects while studying art at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart. She is used to performing on stage and links here with Michel Kuebler, who is part of electronic bands Rework and She Lies and is adept at crafting synth-based songs and innovative drum machine loops. As Pola Women, the pair create manic rhythms and explore pulsing, immersive sound worlds that combine new wave synthscapes with a signature krautrock beat. Desiree surprises throughout with haunting and icy vocal lines, they’re melancholic and super cold and come in both German and English. That is the case from the off with excellent opener ‘Disco Disco.’ Her vocals glide over the chattery percussion and tight synth rhythms that are made to make you move. ‘Walking Home’ is a brooding and downbeat gem, with sombre chords and dejected vocals over more stark drum loops that hark back to the sound of bands like Joy Division and Depeche Mode. There is a dystopian but absorbing atmosphere to ‘Toxic Women’ with its frazzled chords and tinny hits, then ‘Express’ gets a little more playful. There is a hint of disco dazzle to the melodies, while big piano chords lift the mood as synths fire across the mix like shooting stars. The chilly retro chords of ‘Never Ever’ get you in a trance as rugged arpeggiators make for a tough groove that is softened by more great vocal work from Desiree. An instrumental version of ‘Disco Disco’ closes down this EP in chugging Kosmische style.

Release: 24th November 2021  – Pola Women ‘Disco Disco’ (Exlove Records) Cat No: EX022 Format: Digital