1. Delroy Edwards – I Love Sloane

Delroy Edwards – I Love Sloane

Delroy Edwards is my all-time favourite electronic producer, his freedom and playfulness just carry this idea of endless creativity with no limits. This Joy Division cover is probably the only cover in the world that can live up to the soul of Ian Curtis.

2. Black Midi – bmbmbm

Black Midi – bmbmbm

I haven’t been so impressed by a live performance since a long time. Somehow their boyhood presence together with their creativity in song structures, their sound and the way they used vocals felt so fresh! I could relate to their energy so well..

3. Mazzy Star – Fade into You

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You – 10/2/1994 – Shoreline Amphitheatre (Official)

I only found this song recently, but Hope Sandoval’s timidity Is so appealing, I miss seeing this type of openness on stage. Where we don’t have to perform ‘entertaining’ and can still shine trough.


4. Leandoer127 – Hotel in Minsk

hotel in minsk – jl127

One of the most powerful songs I know. I’ve been listening to this for years, Yung Lean’s alias Leandoer127’s song ‘Hotel in Minsk’ manages to tap into a vast wide emptiness like no other, and he sings together with this void. He is so brave and I love him.

5. Alex Zhang Hungtai – Pierrot

Alex Zhang Hungtai – Pierrot

I killed all his tapes when I was driving alone in a blue Nissan Micra from Amsterdam to Latvia, I spend like five days on the road alone and I can tell you that his music gots your back. The visuals are outstanding as well.

6. Yves Tumor – Lifetime

Yves Tumor – Lifetime (Official Video)

This song stayed with me from the moment I heard it. It never went anywhere. It’s almost scary how good it is.

7 Baba Stiltz – Baby

Baba Stiltz – BABY

This song just hits me in the pelvic floor, I know he’s a dancer and studied dance. I don’t know If I imagine his music more embodied or if its actually true; this music just originates from a different place then other electronic musicians tape their creativity from. I can relate studying dance myself.

8. Triad God – I Wanna Hold You

Triad God – I never told you (11/11)

Lyrics are just spot on. No way of doing a better job at that. If you can make a song like this, you are a fucking genius, it goes beyond production value and everything else.


9. Micachu & The Shapes – Suffering

Micachu & The Shapes – Suffering

Mica Levi is my personal hero, after she killed the soundtrack for ‘Under the Skin’ I was signed for life. Such a beautiful person. Also you need to see live gigs these days, go see artists live!


10. Ilovemakonnen – In the Bitty

iLoveMakonnen In The Bity

Don’t ever mess with Ilovemakonnen, the bravest of them all. This guy inspired me in so many ways. I can’t even imagine me ever continuing with music if it wassent for Ilovemakonnen’s soft soul. His spiritual quest and technical skill of vocalising feelings is just beyond.

11. Lucki – Pokerface

LUCKI (Lucki Eck$) – Poker Face [prod. Plu2o Nash & Adio]

I come back to this song so many times. It feels so honest and I can relate so well.

Sun Shy Boy – It’s So Nice To Die EP (Freeride Millenium)

Freeride Millenium welcome multi-faceted artist Emile Lagarde aka Sun Shy Boy for a new six track EP that finds him digging deep into his own psyche to serve up a heartbroken ode to loss and loneliness. An art school graduate who lives in Amsterdam, poet, performance artist and writer Lagarde often questions his own reality after suffering the trauma of losing his father at a young age. He has formally studied choreography and is fascinated by lofi vs hifi sounds, releasing his music on Soulfeeder and his own platforms as well as playing clubs around Europe. This new EP features music made over the last two years while he reflected on the loss of his father. “It has been deeply therapeutic” he says, and bar one guest spot was written, performed and sung by him and him alone. Moving opener ‘Let’s Go Back’ is sombre, downbeat pop music with dark over tones. The artist’s pained voice is at the center of the heavy atmosphere and encourages you to wallow. The title track is more upbeat than the name suggests, with happy-go-lucky beats, catchy hooks and his heavenly vocals bringing a sense of hope. The brilliant late night moods of ‘I’m Not Against U’ come via filtered vocals with watery synths and broken beats that are innocent and pure, while the superb ‘This Book is About Me’ slips into a tortured hip hop vibe with wonky synths and fuzzy vocals musing on apathy and isolation. The airy vocals of guest Jessica Matheson lend the excellent ‘My Only Way’ a feeling of purity before filters drag them into a more brooding form. The sad piano chords all around are perfectly melancholic and lastly ‘In The Club’ is built on stripped back broken beats and cold hits. It gets you in a dreamlike state and sums up the detached, insular mood of the whole EP perfectly. This is a coherent and complete collection of very personal songs that mix up pop, r&b, hip hop and lofi into something utterly unique & compelling. Artwork comes once again from the label’s artist & designer Daniel Rajcsanyi.

Sun Shy Boy – It’s So Nice To Die EP (Freeride Millenium) Release: April 1st 2019 Cat No: FM011