Chastity Belt – Seattle Party

Like most people I know I’ve had a few indie phases in my life and even though it’s been pretty quiet in the indie sphere for me recently, I’ve listened to this great band a lot. Especially after getting home from a party when it’s a bit too late to keep the party going. They have many a good song but this is the one that always gets people’s attention when I play them. Great guitar lines and sarcastic lyrics that I always sing along too.

Shygirl – Uckers

One of the most exciting and “London” acts at the moment. Effortlessly cool and weird without being quirky or trying too hard. This song definitely has it’s Missy/Timbaland moments and that is not a bad thing at all. Shygirl and COUCOU CHLOE are both making super exciting stuff at the moment that makes us wanna dance and also go “Whaaaaat?????” at the same time. Love it.


Roy Of The Ravers – Emotinium

I was working the bar at The NYC down low at Glastonbury and when I wasn’t working would mainly be found at Maceo’s, the crew bar for the Block Nine. Medlar and Watson from FYI Chris were playing an afternoon set and when this came on I was blown away. Being nearly 12 minutes long it’s also perfect to play at the after-party as it gives you a bit of time to stop freaking out about how you’re gonna follow such a banger.

Roy of the Ravers – Emotinium (Secret Mix)

C.A.R – Sore Loser

One of my recent favs. The marvellous C.A.R straddles the fine line between pop and being arty and this album is mighty fine. Light and dark, big yet small and Sore Loser is my singalong anthem right now cause let’s be honest most of us are sore losers. Especially sore during this corona madness too!!!

C.A.R. – Sore Loser

Candi Staton – Victim

Disco is most probably my most played after-party music and generally, I take a disliking to anyone who says they don’t like it. This eight and a half minute epic ticks all the boxes of an instant classic. You can’t beat Candi’s smooth as silk vocals and the broken heart lyrics. All hail the queen of the dancefloor and I’ve been known to play this a few times in a row before someone kicks me off Spotify at 6 am.

Candi Staton – Victim (Warner Bros. Records 1978)


LSDXOXO – Love Taps

One of our favourite artist’s full stop. LSD spans so many genres and that’s what we love. This early track from them really sums it all up. Techno stabs over a rattling bass-heavy production, with catty vocals riding over the top. What’s not to love? The perfect start to any afters.

LSDXOXO – Love Taps

Dead Or Alive – Far Too Hard

What an amazingly lavish and camp production. You cannot deny Pete Burns anyway, but this song really exudes disco luxury. It’s a favorite of ours, shown to us by our dear friend and frequent collaborator Max Allen. The song is a warning of the perils of ego. Something that we could all do with reminding ourselves.

Far to Hard with lyrics

Sticky & Kele Le Roc – Things We Do For Love

We both have very wide ranging influences and Garage/Grime is a big part of our musical identity. It was almost impossible to pick one from this era. Sticky is one of the most talented producers in the genre and this track is simply timeless. 


Yves Tumor – Gospel For A New Century

Absolutely obsessed with Yves. Every record gets better and better and the new album did not disappoint. Everything from their sound, aesthetic, politics and visuals is spot on. I was torn between this track and “Noid”. Both bring grunge pop joy in bucketfuls! 

Gospel For A New Century

Tammi Terrell – All I Do

Most of my wages as a teenager went on soul records. Specifically this kind of heartbreak soul. It’s an all-time classic and means a lot to me for many reasons. Achingly tearful and yet danceable. I would say most afters at the mine would have been soundtracked at some point by Tammi. Wine glass in hand, waltzing round the room. A perfect goodnight.

Tammi Terrell – All I Do Is Think About You

Super Drama – XoXo (incl. Ervadoce Remix) (Freeride Millenium)

Freeride Millenium welcome Jerome Slesinski and Jon Arnold aka Super Drama for their label debut in the shape of three track EP ‘XoXo’, which comes accompanied by a stellar remix from Ervadoce. London-based Super Drama have rapidly gained momentum amongst the LGBTQ electronic music scene since making their debut two years ago, releasing material on their Super Drama Records imprint, Moshi Moshi and Discotexas. The duo have featured as guests on Rinse FM with Joshua James, NTS and Haai’s Worldwide FM show, whilst hosting their very own club nights at Dalston Superstore in London and at Freeride Millenium’s label party in Stuttgart, Germany. Super Drama continue to build their impressive discography by making their debut on Freeride Millenium with the stellar ‘XoXo’. The record is backed by a remix from Ervadoce, which is the alter ego of Paraiso man Shcuro, and his partner Maria Amor, who is also one half of A.M.O.R. with Violet from naive. The electrifying opener ‘D List’ is a raw and hypnotising affair, fueled by bright acid lines, arpegiated melodies and loose drums which all add up to a dancefloor gem. Ervadoce’s remix leads us down a darker path, combining deep and captivating vocals with eerie synths and dazzling tones over a mid tempo rhythm to deliver a truly nebulous production. The cutting edge ‘N° .9’ is destined to take dancers through to another dimension, as we see Super Drama work organic percussion licks,alongside sharp hi-hats and spiralling snares to wrap up an impressive label debut in fine fashion. This is a magnificient release for the blossoming Freeride Millenium label from two very talented artists and comes once again with striking photography / cover art from Daniel Rajcsanyi.

Super Drama – XoXo (incl. Ervadoce Remix) Label: Freeride Millenium Release: 14th May Cat No: FM015