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Sunday, 14 February 2016 in Back to Mine
01. 'Groovin with Mr Blow' Mr Blow
It's the Harmonica solo to end them all (a bit). But most importantly it makes you feel like you are actually 'goovin' with the man… the title is so apt.
02. 'She's a Lady' Pulp
This is such a good song. It's off Pulp's best album (In my eyes).
03. 'Radio Prague' Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark.
The album 'Dazzle Ship's' made me think that the world was going to end. This is the first track off that album, but the rest is just as good. It's a trick, as I want everybody to listen to the album. The artwork is also outstanding.
04. 'This must be the place (Naïve Melody) ' Talking Heads'.
This is so effortlessly cool, if we can ever make music like this then I'll start to wear sunglasses indoors.
05. 'Nowhere fast' The Smiths.
This is exactly what I wanted to hear when I was 16.
06. 'Themes for Great City' Simple Minds.
C.More. Human plays this at every available moment. It has an atmosphere about it that is alluring and menacing, but if you play it in the middle of your set in a club, then people get confused.
07. 'What's going On' Marvin Gaye.
We sing this on our tour bus and take turns in singing 'Sister' and 'Brother'… this is a pop song! If people still made pop music like this then no one would have to try so hard.
08. 'Disco to Disco' Whirlpool Productions.
When my flatmate play's this he does a dance all camp like he's gay. It sure is a pretty sweet 'tttoooooooon'. There are some tasty re-mixes as well.
09. 'If I Ever Feel Better' Phoenix.
This reminds me of turning 18 or something and moving away from home. Its feels like disco music, taste's like disco music… but I'm not sure. It make's me feel exactly like I did back then when I heard it… and that's a good place to be.
10. 'Temptation' New Order.
I had a girlfriend once and I DJ'd at her party. I had to borrow this record off my brother's flatmate as I was so desperate to play it and couldn't afford it on Vinyl. I was so excited about putting it on and when I did all her friends went outside… Nobs!!!

“A Human appears on the forthcoming ShockRock compilation, released 19 February on PIAS/Wall of Sound. The launch night (featuring a live performance from A Human) takes place at Fabric on the 16 February.”

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