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Sunday, 14 February 2016 in Back to Mine
01. Sound Stream - Love Jam (Sound Stream)
Deep and distilled disco from the unbeaten cut-up master.
02. Spencer Parker - Beautiful Noise Tiger Timing Remix (Rekids)
These guys can't keep the time to save their lives...
03. Zombi - Sapphire (Static Caravan)
Epic synth journey reminiscent of the Goblins.
04. AM/PM - Bought and Sold (Dreck Records)
Yes, I know it's my own record!
05. Arthur Russell - Springfield (Audika)
Another brilliant collection of must-have previously unreleased material.
06. Secondo - Breathe to the Rhythm (Dreck Records)
Disintegration Disco - Nuff said!
07. Stefan Goldman - Sleepy Hollow EP (Innervisions)
People will go completely bonkers on the dancefloor.
08. Cassy - Cassy 1 (Cassy)
Uncanny yet lovely piano chords over deepest bass by the techno-lady of the moment.
09. Soul 223 - All City EP - Soul Jazz Records
Slowed-down Theo Parrish influenced House by Stasis's new project.
10. Iz & Diz - Nu Flavas EP (Hudd Traxx)
Fresh mid-nineties flavoured house.

AM/PM's 'Bought and Sold' and 'Maratea' EP's are both released on Dreck Records this November.

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