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Saturday, 13 February 2016 in Back to Mine
Wiseguys – The Sound You Hear
(Wall Of Sound)
So far ahead of it’s time and it has one of my favourite breaks.

De La Soul – Keepin’ the Faith (Big Life)
How hip-hop should sound!
Greyboy feat. Sharon Jones and Quantic
Gotta Be A Love (Paul Nice Remix) (Ubiquity)
This one never seems to leave my record bag.  Killer groove!

Katalyst – Uprock This (Invada)
Easily the best piece of Australian production to date!  Give it a listen and you’ll know what I’m on about!

RJD2 – Ghostwriter (Def Jux)
Dunno I’ve just really been into this tune lately!

John Schroeder – Headband (Castle)
Too phat!  I just love the “head nod” factor in this one!

Dynamo Productions – Hit The Floor (Unique)
An absolute corker, this would get geriatrics at the old peoples home poppin and lockin’.

Danny Breaks – The Jellyfish
(Alphabet Zoo)
Oh Yeah when that bassline kicks in it makes my face scrunch up as if I’ve smelt someone cut cheese.  Killer production.

Fort Knox Five – Brazilian Hipster
(Fort Knox)
A real tidy piece of production this one.  Absolute Gold!

Ugly Duckling – Little Samba (XL)
One of my favourite UD tunes.  A floor filler!
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