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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 in Back to Mine
01. Arnold Jarvis "Take Some Time Out"
Maybe Arnold's finest moment? Deep vocal house from Tommy Musto.
02. Double Dealers "My Love"
Moody early Italio garage that nicks its vocals from Risse House Train.
03. Kriss Coleman “Shine”
Fantastic mid tempo Larry Heard production.
04. Phase II "Reachin"
I released this Blaze prod bitd in the UK, was one of Republic Records (my label) biggest sellers.
05. Simphonia "Cant Get Over your Love"
My remix of this Paul Simpson track from 91 was a  big step forward for me production wise and remains one of my faves on my own work.
06. Spring "NoTtimeFfor Crying"
The sadly deceased John Robinson had a great feel for rootsy "proper garage".
07. Subculture "The Voyage"
Probably the greatest record Mr Fingers never made.
08. 2 Raw "We Got The Funk"
Steve Hurley produced Positive Force inspired jazzy hip house.
09. Eddie Stockley "I Will Always Love You"
Tee Scott mixed classic New Jersey vocal.
10. Mark V "Mean World"
Patrick Adams produced this great song from the veteran soul group.

The many faces of Joey Negro album will be released on November 6th on Z records.
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