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Thursday, 11 February 2016 in Back to Mine
Manu Chao ‘Minha Galera’
This is one of my all time favorite songs. I always said that I will someday dance with my future wife (whoever she may end up being) to this song at my wedding on a beach in South America. I know, I am a sap. But to me this song evokes strong feelings of love. This is the best song off of my favorite Manu Chao album - in my opinion, and I love every song on this album.
The Smiths ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’
I am a huge Smiths fan. Their music is just full on poetry. If you are unlucky enough to live with me, you will have to deal with me blasting the Smiths and dancing around the house for hours on a regular basis. The melody, lyrics, and uplifting strings make this Smiths tune my favourite of them all. "Take me out...."
Thin Lizzy ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’
I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock- Led Zeppelin, the Who, Pink Floyd... but for some reason this song stands out as my favorite rock song to date. The catchy guitar hooks get me pumped every time i hear it. "... and if the boys want to fight you better let 'em!"
Seba and Lotek ‘Sonic Winds/So Long’
I owe much of where I am today to my love of intelligent drum and bass. It was the ambassador of electronic music for me, and still has a major influence on my productions today. This was one of my first tunes on vinyl, and still my favourite.
Dave Matthews Band ‘Song # 41’
I am not afraid to admit that I was a fan.... not so much today, but when I was in high school. I grew up playing saxophone and memorized the solo in this song because I liked it so much. All the hottest girls in my high school were practically dropping their panties for this guys music, so it was inevitable that you would love him too.
Miles Davis ‘So What’
What a f*cking tune! If you have not heard this yet than you are living on a different planet. Pure sex! Maybe a little cliche for a top ten, but that is because it deserves to be up here.
Verdi ‘Requim (Libera Me)’
Anger and bliss a the same time. My dad used to blast this on Sunday mornings and the whole house would rumble.
Fiest ‘Let It Die’
I played this song over and over again earlier this year after getting chewed up and spit out of a bad relationship. I just couldn't get enough listens. Fiest has one of the most beautiful voices of any vocalist today, and this song serenaded my heart back together.
Pharrell Williams w/ Jay-Z ‘Young Girl’
Momma help me, I fell in love with this beat.
Chameleon ‘Close Your Eyes and Listen’
I had to include Tom Middleton, the "Jedi Master", on here somewhere. All of his early music has had such a major influence on my sound. This is a drum and bass masterpiece! Takes me into a different world.

...and there are so many others, its just not fair!
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