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Roger Sanchez

Saturday, 06 February 2016 in Back to Mine

01. Massvie Attack “Weather Storm”.
The best Massive Attack track for a sensual night with the misses.
02. The Doors “Riders on the storm”.
Classic track with an amazing mood and trippy lyrics.
03. Nickleback “Saving Me”.
I love the lyrics and guitars on this track, my girl is really into this band.
04. Coldplay “Trouble”.
I love to play this before I go to sleep it relaxes me.
05. George Benson “Give me Tonight”
Reminds me of rollerskating when I was 15.
06. Jay-Z “Lucifer”.
The Hottest Kanye of jigga's black album - I still play this now.
07. Blue Six “Let's do it together”.
Deep house from Naked music, I always play by my pool in Ibiza.
08. Raconteurs: “Steady as she goes”.
I love the strapped down funk Jack White always brings.
09. Busta Rhymes “Touch it”.
The club banger from his new album, I love that he got inspiration for this track from Daft Punk.
10. Ghostface Killah Ft. Neyo “Back like that”.
The best of Ghost's album, top production as well.

Roger Sanchez new album ‘Come With Me’ is released - 30th September on Stealth Records on CD and 3xLP.

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