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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 in Back to Mine
Berndt Egerbladh - "Nybyggarland" LP (Sonet)
This truly underrated swedish jazz platter is essential listening if you want to know where were coming from musically. Beautiful folk melodies from northern Sweden in a soulful jazz costume.

Merit Hemmingson - "Visa Från Medelpad" LP track from "Trollskog" (EMI)
Swedish folk queen Merit Hemmingson in one of her most mellow and soulful moments, here trading her trusty Hammond for a Wurlitzer electric piano. Magic!

A Tribe Called Quest - "Midnight Marauders" LP (Jive)
Classic! When its time to drop names, ATCQ has to be mentioned, and if we have to choose, we pick Midnight Marauders. Simply one of the most solid albums of the whole jazzy mid-school hip-hop era we grew up in.

Organized Konfusion - "Black Sunday" LP track from "Stress: The Extinction
Agenda" (Hollywood Basic)
One of the most underrated hip-hop acts of all time, here painting vivid and sinister images in a dark baptist gospel setting.

Jigmastas ft. Mr. Complex, Pharoahe Monch, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Talib Kweli "Lyrical Fluctuation" 12" (Beyond Real)
One of our favorite moments of the whole late ninteties independent hip-hop movement. Jigmastas gathered a crazy line-up to spit over a neck-snapping bomb-beat signed Joc Max of the Basement Khemists.

Common - "Like Water for Chocolate" LP (MCA)
Incredible album, largely due to the musical genius of the late Jay Dee, both directly and indirectly.

Jaylib "The Official" LP track from "Champion Sound" (Stones Throw)
Continuing on the topic of Jay Dee (this time on the mic), this is one of the most retardedly brilliant tracks we heard in years, thanks to the twisted genius Madlib on the boards.

The Roots - "The Tipping Point" LP (Geffen)
Can´t forget the legendary Roots crew! This is one of the most solid hip-hop albums this side of the century. Why? Ten non-bullshit tracks packaged in a concise manner that we've hardly seen since Nas "Illmatic" some ten years earlier.

Supersci 'Pinetrees On The Pavement' album is out now on Flyphonic Phonogram (Sweden)
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