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Friday, 12 February 2016 in Back to Mine
01. 'Changes' by Planning to Rock (Chicks On Speed Records 2006)
Just beautiful, kate bush at its best.
02. 'Transpiralo' by Panico (Tiger Sushi2005)
Chilian new post punk for the masses!
03. 'Snails' by Aux Raus (Nuevos Ricos 2006)
Borrachos pero not stupidos! Nuevos Ricos attack again
04. 'Pass This On' by The Knife (Mute 2005?)
The best synth pop of the year.
05. 'Slum Dunk' by Tetine (Soul Jazz 2006)
Fun fun fun in my own slum
06. 'kiss kiss Kiss' by Karine Alexandrino (Independent 2005)
Yoko Ono in a cabaret like you've never seen before.
07. 'O Futuro' by Sexo Explicito (Eldorado 1985)
The future is all I want.
08. 'Ready to Uff' by Uffie. (Edbanger Records 2005)
Ready to take a dance again! Viva el MPC!
09. 'Danca Neguinha' by Deize Tigrona. (Independent)
This is Funk Carioca not Baile Funk.
10. 'Travessia' by Milton Nascimento sung by Bjork. (MP3 not sure if it was released)
They were made for each other.

Tetine's new single 'A Historia Da Garca' is out now on Soul Jazz Records.
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