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The Plump DJs

Sunday, 07 February 2016 in Back to Mine

HUMAN LIFE 'In It Together' (LIFEX Recordings) : A great track from an act that are currently on fire. Perfect when you have just got back and your head is still in the club. Soothes the soul and moves your feet.

DJ ALMOST 'Klub' (D-Classics): Found in the depths of the Soho vinyl underground basement bins. This plastic on the D-Classis series is rare and raw. A primitive disco re edit by DJ Almost that is definitely on the right side of the cool wall.

STRIP STEVE 'Breakin (Lorenz Rhode remix)' (Boysnoize Records) : Fresh from the Boysnoize label this tune sounds like it was made in '84, in a good way. Definitely an artiste to keep your ears on.  The record feels authentic and fresh - a great combination of attributes.

BONSAI KAT 'Egotripping' - (Grand Hotel Records) : Occasionally we like to crank it up back at ours on the bigs, this tune certainly gives the system a workout. You may need some fresh towels.

THE JONES GIRLS 'Nights Over Egypt' (Philadelphia Int'l) : A classic from our vaults of treasured original vinyl. The Jones Girls best effort to date from where we are sitting. This record massages you into a soup on the floor, you will hardly notice that the lyrics really don't add up.

PLUMP DJS 'Boomer' (Grand Hotel Records) - New from us for 2010. We have been working hard on new material for over a year. This will be the first tune from us to drop in 2010 and it's already doing the business.

THE BEATLES 'Tomorrow Never Knows' (Parlophone) - One of our favourite Beatles tracks from the album Revolver. Sums up where their heads were back in 1964. It was the first experimental record that they released commercially and still holds its own 46 years on.

KLF 'Chill out' (KLF Communications) : A magical classic long playing 12" from the masters of publicity and song. When things are going sideways it's time to chill out.

DELPHIC 'Counterpoint' (Polydor) : They consider themselves 'Post dance', we think that they are more 'Post club'. So, it is only fitting that they should sit on the couch on our 'Back to Mine' Top 10 with this magic number.

BONOBO ft ANDREYA TRIONA 'Eyesdown' (Ninja Tune) : Dreamy, hypnotic and beautiful. Andreya Triona's smokey vocals float above moody keyboard riffs and fire-like crackle. 'Boostini Olvaltini

Catch The Plump DJs @ Grand Hotel Records, FABRIC LIVE, 4th June -

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