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Tom Stephan

Saturday, 06 February 2016 in Back to Mine
01. B-52’s ‘Legal Tender’ [Warner Bros]
I remember this video from when MTV first arrived in my town. I used to sit in
front of the television all day fascinated by all of this amazing music. Before MTV
our town only had one radio station WPIG - the Pig! Home of Country Music.
02. Lene Lovich ‘New Toy’ [Stiff]
Another early MTV memory. I’ve been having 80s flashbacks recently.
03. Front 242 ‘U-Men’ [New Dance]
My favourite Front 242 track- still sounds great today.
04. Nitzer Ebb ‘Let Your Body Learn’ [Mute]
The Nitzer Ebb show in Islington a few weeks back was amazing. As much energy as 10 years ago. I’m glad to see them back and honoured to have been given the chance to remix then. My Superchumbo mixes of “Control I’m Here” are out next month, but until then, here’s another classic.
05. Cajmere ‘Percolator’ [Cajual]
I remember clearly the first time I heard this at the Sound Factory. I thought I’d taken too much something (and probably had) when all I could make out was “it’s time for the percolator - it’s time for the percolator”.
06. ?- Body ‘Drill’ [?]
Another Sound Factory classic and big Danny Tenaglia record. I searched for years and years for this track and finally found someone who had it on cd. I still don’t know who did it.
07. Joint Venture ‘Masterblaster’ [Strictly Rhyhtm]
The legendary DJ Pierre has made so many great records it’s hard to pick just one but this is definitely at the top of my list. Never fails to get me dancing.
08. Chez Damier ‘Can U Feel It (MK Dub) [KMS]
Another producer that it’s hard to choose just one track from. Classic MK. Gives me chills.
09. Towa Tei  ‘Love Connection’ (MAW Dub) [Elektra]
I remember hearing this one on GIRLS FM and searching for this promo-only mix for ages. I love MAW around this time.
10. Joe Smooth ‘Promised Land’ [DJ International]
This is my all-time perfect end of the night record. Only play this one if it’s been a really special night.

Let's Go Chumbo mixed by Tom Stephan - OUT NOW (Chumbo Mundo) - <>
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