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Sunday, 07 February 2016 in Back to Mine
Nelly Furtado feat Timbaland:  Promiscous Girl
Single of the year .... they just nailed it with that song.

One of the best soul offering this year .. very nice songs strong production I like it !!

Akala : Shakespeare
Firing tune firing rap firing act hot !!

The Beatiful Club: Squares   
One of my myspace findings really cool group with wicked music from detroit city hear them now before they blow up !

Sa-Ra : Glorious
One of the best songs of the decade for me just dark warm redemptious tunage!!! Big everywhere I go!

Bentley Farnsworth : Everybody feat Andre 3000:
Absolute corker i predict big things for this song  just makes me wanna spin on my back !!!

Bahamadia : Good Music
Fresh feel good floor thumping vibes from one the worlds best emcees  what more can I say !

Rich Medina: Toomuch  feat Martin Luther : Afrostreet remix
One of my tunes of the year absolute rump shaking tune for me this one.

Lily Allen : Alright Still  
Been listening to it in my mates car... was really blown away by the freshness (theres songs on there that are more my cup of tea than the singles but its all good) I like when I can hear where a singer comes from in their voices I really do like that !!!

Nneka : The Uncomfortable Truth:
Slamming tune from one of Germanys rising stars really enjoying her album at the moment shes from Nigeria and Germany so she speaks from both perspectives in her music.

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