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Live At Robert Johnson

Both Dixon and the Robert Johnson label have hinted this might be their last mix compilation, as they feel the format is unable to develop any more. A shame, for sure – but a great way to go out. Dixon has always been able to craft out an atmosphere early on in his sets, but this one is especially daring in the way it completely takes its time to start moving, hanging suspended in the air to start with. Then, almost imperceptibly, it starts to move - with Hauschka and Barnt avoiding a bass drum but starting the movement process. By Roman Flügel's 'Dishes & Wishes' things are zipping along and the whole mix is geared for an altogether more energetic dancefloor – but you'd be hard pushed to spot the join. If this is to be Dixon's swansong then it's a mighty fine one!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood


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