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Ibiza 2010
We Love Space ...On Sundays

Saturday, 06 February 2016 in Events

It’s said ‘in space no one can hear you scream’ except when your at Space in Ibiza where 10’000 clubbers are screaming their lungs out to a severe audio thrashing by 2 Many DJ’s!
It’s Sunday and as the rest of the clubbing World sleeps we go on our pilgrimage  as dedicated disciples of dance music to We Love……..Space  (on Sundays) the marathon session starts in the afternoon but due to landing on the Island at silly o-clock we miss half the show and hit the club for the evening service, Space itself is like a modern metropolis filled with many rooms and dj’s and have to admit we didn’t even make it to 3 of them, the quality of DJ line-ups spread over the 6 rooms is amazing and gives you that festival vibe and excitement of working out the plan of action of who to see and how can I fit it all in?
For us it was a simple scout round the club and try to take in the vast layout and vibe before hitting the 2 main rooms for the DJ’s we will be interviewing later even though there was a great temptation to chill up on the sunset terrace and catch the last sunset with the MYNC Project and Alfredo or hit the long tube chillout zone and crash, we had to be careful and not fall in love with this beautiful arena but head back crystal maze style and join the ever growing pulsating main rooms.
The club is so spacious and unlike most venues allows you to breath and get your swerve on without fear of hugging fellow dancers in a scrum while the gigantic pans sweep around the club keeping things very cool and beautiful, we bed down in the Discoteca for some mayhem from Simian Mobile Disco who keep us rockin and pumpin those fists for an eternity before we are reminded that the Space Terraza is calling and we get dragged kicking and screaming into the next room for a real aural treat.
On the decks already is Thomas Gandey aka Cagedbaby who invited us down for a chat but as his wonderful set progressed we were getting lost in his intoxicating rhythms and that interview was slowly disappearing into the night.
Tom had created a special set for the Sunday crowd and boy did it show, a full rework of the mans genius productions crafted into a non-stop wave machine of euphoric high’s and dirty dub lows kept us hypnotized for 2 hours teasing us with much loved samples and breaks from current and past bangers while giving us a truly live voyage into the mind of Gandey, by the end of his set crowd were at his mercy and like a puppet master worked the floor like a pied piper of dance till we were spent.
Taking over the controls for the nest 60 mins the seductive sounds and sights of DJ Heidi who worked a serious jackin techno set to the max, a minimal grove that was needed after the headrush of Tom, with that solid groove as the soundtrack for a while we headed up to the DJ booth for a little chat with Tom who is the perfect gentleman and a pleasure to talk to after such a great set, but to be honest we gave up after a while due to the fact that those evil 2 Many DJ’s had taken to the stage, we decided to continue the interview over the net which you can read in full in Update.
At this point I turn to the dancefloor and have to question if Space had pulled a little magic trick off behind my back as the room was solid in bodies from front to back and went on and on into the distance like a desert mirage,  that’s right Heidi had worked that crowd well into a frenzy of anticipation for what happens next and believe the hype about these ministers of mayhem.
Kicking their set off with the ridiculously enormous Chemical Brothers ‘Escape Velocity’ tweaking and twisting the intro till our ears bleed and finally letting go with the beats and taking out the mass orgy of clubbers on the floor in one swoop, from then on the scene was intense as the boys pushed and pulled sounds out of those speakers that was unearthly and glorious, fast flying tracks in and out all over the shop with one goal of complete carnage, at this point we were sucked into the vortex of the main floor and to be honest my feet were doing things I have only seen on Youtube and my mind was in pieces till the end.
How I got home was a mystery but Space had stamped it’s position as one serious party that has to be done when hitting Ibiza, god I didn’t even mention the sounds of Paul Woolford, Deepgroove and Guy Williams that night.
If only all Sunday services were as good as this, I feel baptized in Space’s power and glory  and pray daily for a return visit.

Guy Garrett
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