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SiebenChris Tietjen is something of a Cocoon veteran, despite still being only in his mid twenties. Even for him, though, 'Sieben' is quite something, a house-techno hybrid that delivers several knock out tracks in succession. As a mix it works incredibly well, establishing a tough kick drum from the outset but moving on to hook laden tracks such as Santé & Frank Lorber's 'Rootdown' or well chosen vocals such as Dinky's 'Luvin'. While each track works well on its own merits the values of good mixing are shown to be priceless here, for this is definitely a compilation best experienced in a single span. With its tough and uncompromising beats but very workable melodic hooks and vocals, it's a versatile beast as well as an incredibly danceable one.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood

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