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What's that expression, the old ones are the best, well in this case it's tempting to agree. Just look at this list: Man Parish, Gary Numan, Colourbox, Chris & Cosey and that's merely for starters. Obviously the album contains more goodies from that certain era were disparate ideas and sounds clashed to come up with fearless classics that simply f**k the test of time. Let's see a) Hip Hop Bee Hop (the dub) b) Dirty Talk c) the underrated Shriekback and My Spine Is The Bassline d) Mark Stewart's eloquent Liberty City, all of which should whetting your appetite nicely. This splendid CD does all that and then comes up with more, and not a Culture Club record in sight. Roots, Rock, reggae (and shockingly electric).

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Greg Fenton

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