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Five years and Lassie still hasn't come home, but who would want him to if it means the end of this untouchable UK label's eternal quest for house music's holy grail, whatever that might be. This slobbering roadrunner mutt will frequently show up, brandishing tree-trunk stiffie basslines and pendulous acid house bollocks. In some ways, this is the secret of the label's considerable success since being launched in Loughborough by DJ mates Pete Dafeet and Ian Straker five years ago; the grooves are rock solid, irresistible and seismic in the bottom end while draped in melon-friendly noises, sonic toppings and stellar melodies which, no matter who in the like-minded dog pound happens to be doing the business at the time, are linked by an innate knowledge of and passion for house music in its purest form, sometimes acid-flecked but more often of the deepest nature known to man. This much-loved operation now gives itself a well-deserved pat on the back with this sublime compilation of label highlights from L.M.D. stalwarts including Jay Tripwire, Harold Heath, Milton Jackson, Fred Everything, Nathan Coles & Dave Coker, Tommy Largo, Yse, Kelvin K and Dominic Martin, mixed by Pete into a relentless whoopee cushion also consisting of his own inimitable excursions. They might have lost their dog but found house music's true essence looking for it.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs

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