Craig Gorman

DMCWORLD checks in with Irish producer and DJ Craig Gorman, part of the new collective Rain Radio. Their first release was the mysterious white label ‘Talk About’, a high-energy club cut loved by Radio 1 that’s characterised by an infectious vocal sample, slick grooves and a deep, pulsating bassline…


Hi Craig, welcome to DMCWORLD. Can you tell us a bit more about the creative and concept for the track and supporting videos?

I’ve always loved the original, Nelly Furtado’s vocals were strong, they really stood out,  When it comes to the video, that’s just Dublin. What you see is what you get, bike life is a big thing for the youth in Dublin.

How did you link up with Rain Radio – is there anything more you can tell us about this mysterious alias?

Rain Radio are a group of lads from the UK I’ve only talked to them over Zoom calls and FaceTime because of the lockdowns but what I can tell you is we’re only starting and there are big things in the works trust me.

What’s next for Craig Gorman and Rain Radio?

We have more music coming it’s just a matter of when to drop them but we’re ready to rock !

You can play at any club or festival in the world out of lockdown, what is it?

To be honest I’m still young, I’d like to sell out the 3Arena in Dublin, there is a lot more to come out of Ireland. I love the Irish, the support and atmosphere they bring won’t be beaten.


To find out more about DJ Craig Gorman, go to:

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