Little Fritter

Today we are very pleased to have a regular of Australia’s thriving musical circuit, Kane Dignum aka Little Fritter with us as he gets set to make his debut on Hot Creations with ‘Dub Riddem’. The EP continues an impressive 2020, that has seen the Gold Coast native’s standout productions land on the likes of Desert Hearts and etcetc already this year.

Hello Kane! Thanks for speaking with us today! It’s a pleasure to have you with us. First off, where are you based at the moment and how have things been for you the last few months given the global situation?

I’ve just been cruising in my hometown on the Gold Coast in sunny Australia. The last few months have been nice to be honest, I’ve had loads of epic family time, the waves have been pumping constantly, so I’ve surfed heaps and got right into fishing with my son.

A massive congrats on your Hot Creations debut ‘Dub Riddem’! 3 big tracks that showcase your sound nicely! Tell us, how did the release on the label come about and what was the inspiration behind it?

Yeah I am super buzzed on the EP… I’ve been a big fan of the label since I started and Jamie is a proper Don that I’ve looked up to for a long time, so it’s a special one for sure. I met Jamie years ago in Berlin when I was spending loads of time in Europe, we actually have a bunch of mutual friends so I guess that’s how it all came about.

You’ve been releasing music for over a decade now under Little Fritter and you have showcased a great range of your production talents over the years; from some deeper flavours to some more ‘peak time’ tracks. Tell us, what’s your creative process like when making music? Does your approach vary much from track to track?

My approach does change for sure, I can never really make the same kinda tune or vibe back to back… I love so many different styles of electronic music, especially some of the sub genres of house, so to keep myself inspired, I always change it up.

Who have been some of the most influential music artists for you over your life? And on that topic, now’s a good time for the ‘dream collab’ question?

I’ve always loved the guys who push the boundaries the most and who are unpredictable in their sound…Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Vath, DJ Harvey, Adam Shelton, Prosumer, Patrick Topping and Mall Grab are just a few I froth on and any of them would be fun to collab with.

As an artist with years of experience behind them; we’d love to know where it all started for you? We hear you used to promote parties back in your early days of DJing, can you tell us a bit about those times?

My full passion for the scene kicked in when I moved to London for 18 months when I was a fresh 18 year old… The European club culture blew my mind and when I returned home to Australia, I soon moved down to Melbourne for 3 years to stay around a healthy music scene as that was something the Gold Coast didn’t have. From there I started DJ’ing full time and running parties. I always wanted to throw parties that had an extra bit of spice and that were in unique locations which I am still doing to this day.

What would be the most valuable piece of advice you would offer to an artist in the early stages of their career?

Don’t take it too seriously, the industry is pretty ruthless and can defo get you down at times when you’re trying to break through, but stay patient, be creative and always make sure you’re having fun with it all.

Thank you again for chatting with us today Kane! We wish you all the best. To round off, is there anything else coming up from Little Fritter that you could let us in on?

The back end of this year and into early 2021 is pretty stacked for me with releases dropping on Solotoko, Catch & Release, Big Bam Boo and Sola which is all really exciting.