Hi, pleasure to speak to you, how are you?

The pleasure is mine! I’m feeling great, it is mid summer and I am more creative than ever.

How has this year treated you so far? Any highlights to mention?

The past months were not an easy ride for me on the personal side – but I am making music when I have strong emotions, and I laid out so much material, I can release something every month this year.

So, tell us abit about your label Bolygó. What is the inspiration and general ethos behind the label?

My idea is to build a real handcrafted boutique label that will hopefully become a strong reference in the music I love so much. We give special attention to all the details, artwork, press, etc. Nothing goes automated, no templates, no presets.  Based on the feedbacks so far with just 4 releases, we are walking the line I imagined.

How would you describe your sound?

Hm, I would say what I think and what I hear from others: a connection between the past and the present, a melange of everything I like in electronic music. Sentimental retro futurism and vintage love with non-stop search of fresh sounds.

What effect did growing up in Hungary have on your music and career? What was the scene like there?

It had a tremendous effect on everything I am today. I’d say that a childhood behind the iron curtain with an upbringing that I got from my beloved parents, gave me incredible advantages to become a quasi world citizen that I am today. The scene after the mid-90s was wild! “Those were the days” 🙂 – seriously, we had the chance to listen to the biggest Global Underground DJs back then quite frequently and those who went for the music, got hooked forever!

Were you always musical growing up? What drove you towards the techno sound?

Yes, very musical, thanks to my parents again. Despite the fact the fact, that between us with my brother, I am not the one who is a trained musician, my passion and interest in composing music grew crazy, when I got my first personal computer and I realized that I don’t really need to know scoring and solfeggio to write music 🙂 During the Hungarian “Goulash-communism” (aka softer version), most technology or science tv programs had either Tangerine Dream or Kraftwerk as soundtrack, this sounds just got imprinted in my brain and it feels like electronica runs in my veins ever since!

Why the move to Barcelona? How are you finding it over there?

I love it here. It feels like I ran a big circle, I started my teenage vacations around here, then traveled a lot ever since and I always felt like I want to live in this city and this time it happened.

We understand you are very well travelled? What is the most amazing place  you have visited?

Traveling is what I risked the most since I was 19 and definitely my best investment. It would be hard to tell what is the most amazing place out of the more than 650 cities I have visited (that does not include remote areas), but Iceland, Patagonia, Montana are some of the most outstanding places.

Where do you gather inspiration from before going into the studio?

I think I have more inspiration than I can get into the sequencer! Nature, technology, science…watching & listening artists I admire. Playing around with vintage synths and studio equipment, jamming.

What artists would you say have been your main influences throughout your musical journey?

Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode..and many more that came later, too many to list!

What do you do to unwind outside of the music?

Road cycling, gym, beach time, hiking, building DIY synth stuff

What does the future hold for Adwer and Bolygó? Any further goals or ambitions to achieve?

I can just hope for a bright future (in music) and that means: be able to take my music and perform it to people, and travel with it – and ultimately, work on music all the time! For the label, I have plenty of material prepared, I am going to bring in other like-minded producers for remixing duties and EPs. To grow steadily and keep the quality control.


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