Back To Mine With Angelica de No

A 20 year veteran to the Dance music scene, Angelica de No is an American born multi-cultural beauty, and daughter renowned Flamenco singer Angel de No, who grew up surrounded by all music genres. In 2003, she hit the Billboard charts with her club classic ‘Dangerous’. Over the course of her career, Angelica has collaborated with the likes of Guido Osorio (DJ Guido of Razor and Guido), Antranig, Joeski, Erick Morillo, Patricia Starr, Exacta, Tech Us Out and David Morales, just to name a few. As her new collaboration with Zonum, ‘All I Am’ including mixes from MicFreak & DJ Spen, Alecs (US) and Tommy Myst, drops on QU3, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Angelica de No.

David Morales & Tiger Wilson – Heartbeat (original mix) 

David Morales is an absolute genius when it comes to capturing a moment and invoking a feeling in the audience and listeners. His production mixed with Tiger’s lyrics and voice just hits in all the right places; sexy, emotional and cool. I’m also looking forward to the upcoming releases I have with David, which also have a vibe of their own.

HEARTBEAT - Original Mix By David Morales and Tiger Wilson

THEMBA & Nico de Andrea feat Tasman  – Disappear  (Extended mix) 

This is a total vibe from the production, to the lyrics to the texture in Tasman’s voice. Love the way this track hits.

Disappear (Extended Mix)

Rui Da Silva feat Cassandra – Touch Me (Extended mix) 

This track is an absolute classic and will never tire. It’s sultry and sexy and probably the inspiration for a lot of songs that have followed it. It set a very high bar for writers and producers to follow.

Black Coffee with Angelo’s feat Jinadu  – LOST (Album mix) 

This vocal literally makes me feel like I am floating. The lyrics and the vocal performance perfectly suits the production and draws you into the moodiness of Jinadu’s story.

Black Coffee & Angelos - Lost feat. Jinadu (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]

Antranig feat Angelica de No – Dangerous (Vocal mix) 

What can I say… Antranig and I created a masterpiece that is still considered a classic in a category all it’s own. Hard to believe I was only 21 when I wrote and recorded it and this was my first track to hit billboard charts in the US. Most people don’t even realize that it was me and freak out when they do. There may be a musical reunion between Antranig and I in the near future.

Antranig feat. Angelica DeNo - "Dangerous"

Robbie Rivera – Feel This  (Robbie Rivera’s Original Mix) 

Juicy Music Group Label head and industry staple Robbie Rivera has always been a vibe. This classic track still has the same massive impact it did 20 years ago when I was dancing away the night at Vinyl. It’s dark, it’s sexy and it sets a whole mood. Robbie also has a remix of my resent release on Juicy called Always coming this August 2023.

Robbie Rivera - Feel This (Robbie Rivera's Original Mix)

Tommy Myst – Drums Pound The Earth  (Original Mix)

This track is just pure fire. It’s deep dark and moody executed perfectly with a hint of NYC grime. Tommy is not only one of my best friends he’s also one of the most talented upcoming producers I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Our first project on the way is his remix of All I Am on QU3.

The Drums Pound The Earth

Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis – HOT (The MicFreak Remixes) – UnQuantize 

This tracks is all sorts of groovy and sexy from the keys to the drums to the vocal sample. MicFreak definitely worked his magic and brought a whole new vibe to the package. I’ve also had the pleasure to work with MicFreak on a few upcoming projects and even co-wrote something special.

Hot (The MicFreak Remix) - Thommy Davis, Greg Lewis

John Creamer & Stephane K feat Nkemdi – I Wish You Were Here (Khaaron Remix)  – Ready Mix

This remix of the classic Creamer and K track maintains the sexy sensuality of the original track but brought some new modern elements to refresh its sound. I think out of all the remixes that came out this one was my favourite for that reason. This track inspired me to start writing more spoken word back in the early 2000s and that’s why it sticks.

I Wish You Were Here (Khaaron Remix)

Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia Remix)  – Legacy Recordings

This is everything I love all rolled up into one beautifully dark track. The moody lyrics and the longing of Dave’s vocal just gives you goosebumps. Depeche Mode has been a huge musical influence in my life and writing. Danny Tenaglia is not only a DJ’s DJ, he’s also a vocalist’s DJ. The musical education he has given me through the decades from Tunnel to Vinyl to his modern day Cevin Fisher Remixes has been priceless. He is the reason I met Antranig and Erick Morillo and had the chance to do what I love.

Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia mix)

Angelica de No & Zonum ‘All I Am’ (incl. MicFreak & DJ Spen, Alecs (US) and Tommy Myst mixes), is out now on QU3.