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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?NIC: Carl Cox At Atomics in Maidstone.I was 19, I remember there being a power cut for a bout 30 mins and he could only play out of the monitors. Then all off a sudden the whole sound kicked in : )ANDY: It was probably more of a weekend out or possibly a week. Would have involved drinking heavily first, then going to a club and dancing and then staying up slightly longer than I should have done.Could have been anytime from 1989 to present. Beyond that no...
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Rico Tubbs (Menu Music)

Wednesday, 06 August 2008 Q&A
Rico Tubbs "Knuckle Sandwich" the album is out at the end of June on Menu Music.  Take a little bit of Baltimore, add a dash of rave stabs, throw in a little hip hop sample here and there, then allow to cook for 6 minutes with a massive bassline and what do you get? This amazing LP that will blow you mind with massive support from the likes of Sinden, Annie Mac, Switch, Crookers, Hannah Holland and Ras Kwame. It's the perfect melting pot of musical styles with a good dose of fun thrown in for go...
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Richard Grey

Wednesday, 30 July 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?Pacha event in Ribeiro Preto Brazil last month. The party was just unreal! it lasted until 8.30 in the morning with over 3500 people. Electronic dance music is breaking through at the moment in Brazil . Massive crowds! What's Your Favourite Club?  Pacha Ibiza remains the best place to play Ð its very special to me.    What's Your Favourite Record Of All-time?Ah, this is too difficult. I cannot pick one only, there has been so many great songs that its ha...
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Zoo Brazil

Wednesday, 23 July 2008 Q&A
What’s The Best Night Out You’ve ever Had?“I was lost in Brighton without money, without mobile (there was no mobiles back then), could not remember the name of the hotel… and I was much too drunk - it was a magic moment…”What’s Your Favourite Club?“don’t have one, sorry... but Pacha in Argentina is great!”What’s Your Favourite Record Of All-time?“The artist DIVE with the album called DIVE from 1994”What Record Can’t You Stand?“The bad ones I hate to listen to...”What Record Did You Lose Your Vi...
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Sharam Jey

Wednesday, 16 July 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?It's difficult for me to pick just one as there were so many great partys I have attended. But if I have to choose it would be the Loveparade 2004 in Berlin and the Electragilde Festival 2006 in Tokyo. What's Your Favourite Club?The End, London; Dirty Dancing, Brussels and Stereotype in VancouverWhat's Your Favourite Record Of All-time?I don't have one particular favourite record as I am into so many different styles like electronic music, rock, hip hop ...
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Wednesday, 09 July 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?"We were on our way to do a radio show and crashed into a bus in London, both vehicles were a right off, Ed & I took it in turns to wait for the police while the other did the show. We loaded the car onto the recovery vehicle and did 2 more gigs that night with the AA man as our driver, many people might consider the night to be a disaster, but we had a really good night and finished off at 5 in the morning dancing around behind the decks"What's Your...
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Jerome Sydenham

Wednesday, 02 July 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?New Years Eve party 2002, which was combined with the release of my first mix CD 'Space Lab Yellow Live Vol. 1'What's Your Favourite Club?Beghain/ Panorama bar (same place) Berlin Germany.What's Your Favourite Record Of All-time?No such thing!What Record Can't You Stand?'Can't Touch This' by MC HammerWhat Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?'Ecstasy This' by Barry WhiteWhat Was The Last Record You Bought?'Back it up' (Logo Side) by John DalyName Three...
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Prok & Fitch

Wednesday, 25 June 2008 Q&A
What's The  Best Night Out You've ever Had?Far to many, one that sticks out was a  messy day/night in Miami last year, unfortunately probably best not to go  into details!What's Your Favorite Club?Bora Bora, some wicked  times, although very little can be remembered What's Your Favorite  Record Of All-time?Mutually 3 Drives - Greece 2000What Record  Can't You Stand?Too many to mention but Basshunter is up  there.What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?Shaggy Mr.  Boombastic/ John Paul Young ...
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The Presets - Julian Hamilton

Wednesday, 18 June 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?Every time we play a show.What's Your Favourite Club?I f*cking hate clubs.What's Your Favourite Record Of All-time?John Coltrane 'A Love Supreme'What Record Can't You Stand?When I was growing up I loved all that west coast rap - NWA, Ice Cube, Ice-T. And stuff like Geto Boys too. In a fit of sentimentality I recently bought a whole bunch of those records, and sadly, now I find them unlistenable. I find the language so grating. I think I must be getting o...
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Midnight Juggernauts

Thursday, 12 June 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?There's many but i remember one night out in New York after we played with Justice we all went to some bar and somehow started doing a conga line when they played Nirvana. Though security weren't happy and one of them got in the front of the conga line in an attempt to lead us all out the front door mid dance. Almost worked too. What's Your Favourite Club?I like strange quiet ones frequented by elderly foreigners. In Melbourne there's a place called The ...
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Caspa Codina

Wednesday, 04 June 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?It was New Years Eve 2004: started at a house party, then a ware-house rave, add a bottle of absinthe and then it was back to mine where I finally got it on with Katia for the first time after several weeks of chasing (Katia does the spoken vocals on my album) ...It's both the music and the company that makes a night special.What's Your Favourite Club?The Lux, Lisbon,But also,  really enjoying the back room at the Wilmington Arms at the moment. Did the f...
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Wednesday, 28 May 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?A manic 24 hours about 5 years ago started at the Boutique (Concorde 2) where I was playing the bar, dunno who was doing the main room but it emptied a bit allowing us to 'tear the motherfucking roof off'. Back to the Generals gaff for booze and late night tales, down to the 7-11 for vodka and mixers at 8am, then boozy lunch, cocktails and sun on the seafront before landing at the first Stick It On night to shout at people playing their favorite records....
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Kraak & Smaak

Wednesday, 14 May 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?Daft Punk playing live in Amsterdam last year - it was perfect.What's Your Favourite Club?Since last thursday that would be Fabric: we played live at a sold outBreakspoll 2008, great venue and great people, great acts.What's Your Favourite Record Of All-time?At the moment that would be the A Skillz remix of our new single Squeeze Me,rips up the dancefloor everytime we play it.What Record Can't You Stand?Anything by Michael BoltonWhat Record Did You Lose ...
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The Bees

Wednesday, 07 May 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've Ever Had?The New Years Eve Before Last Supporting Wolfmother In Australia, The Crow Went Mental !!What's Your Favourite Club?The Back Room Of The Central , Ventnor , Isle Of WightWhat's Your Favourite Record Of All-Time?Aphex Twin 'selected Ambient Works 85-92'What Record Can't You Stand?DuffyWhat Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?Nicodemus 'Bone Connection'What Was The Last Record You Bought?'New Amerykah' Erykha BaduName Three Of Your Biggest Influences......
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Wednesday, 30 April 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've Ever Had? Too Many To Mention To To Secret To TellWhat's Your Favourite Club? My Living RoomWhat's Your Favourite Record Of All-Time? Lucky Man By The VerveWhat Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?I'm Still A VirginWhat Was The Last Record You Bought? The New Cat PowerName Three Of Your Biggest Influences... From Your To Year They Change What's Your Dream? That Dreams Came True Every Once In A WhileHow Do You Escape? Nature Works Best, My FriendsWhat Is Your F...
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Quentin Harris

Wednesday, 23 April 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had? The Best night I ever had was NYE at Space Lab Yellow in Japan. I played so many different types of records and the crowd was so electric! What's Your Favourite Club?ClubShelter (NYC) & RedZone (Italy). What's Your Favourite Record Of All-time?Prince - All The Critics Love You In New York. What Record Can't You Stand?Diana Ross - The Boss. What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?Amazing Grace. What Was The Last Record You Bought?Duran Duran - Gr...
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Shortee Blitz

Wednesday, 16 April 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?I've had many, but the one that sticks in my mind at the moment, back in 2003 I was in Ayia Napa, The Firin Squad were there too, and we all found out that we got nominated for a M.O.B.O. award.I'm not a drinker at all, but we ended up buying a bottle of Sambucca each...the last thing I remember is the 15th shot...dunno how I got back to the hotel, anything.... What's Your Favourite Club?Recently I got to spin in a city called Doha which is in Qatar. The...
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Paul Woodford

Wednesday, 09 April 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had? A very close call between Tenaglia at Groovejet in Miami in 2000 or this weekend just gone at the re-opened Paradise Factory in Manchester. Both for completely different reasons. At Groovejet I had managed to lose my wallet (containing, foolishly, $1200) after ingesting something green (!) and after having everybody english within a 20ft radius on the floor with lighters, it looked like it had gone forever. This puerto-rican girl I was with took me to t...
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Wednesday, 02 April 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had? Any night that ended up with a hottie.What's Your Favourite Club? Pick a club in Sin City.What's Your Favourite Record Of All-time? Anything that moves me. I have a low attention span.What Record Can't You Stand? One that's unoriginal.What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too? None of your bizness.What Was The Last Record You Bought? Can't remember, I get promos.Name Three Of Your Biggest Influences... Everything is my influence and my teacher.Who Wou...
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NUfrequency & Shara Nelson

Wednesday, 26 March 2008 Q&A
What's The Best Night Out You've ever Had?Shield: I had great nights at Utopia and Piekarnia in Warsaw, and at Ministry Of Fun in Slovachia. Lots of fun over there. I think that the best club and music scene is in Eastern Europe at the moment.Cristiano: Really enjoyed Cafe Mambo in Ibiza Ale Ripa: The one that's just about to start!Shara Nelson: Luckily there has been more than one What's Your Favourite Club?Shield & Cristiano: Opium Garden in Miami, Pacha in Ibiza, Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos....
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