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Dave Pearce

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 in Back to Mine

Breakfast 'The Horizon' (Flashover)
I've used this track on side 1 of my new Delirium album - its kind of chilled out trance with a cinematic vibe, ideal for that 5 in the morning post clubbing first tune and I'm sure there's some great things to come this year from Breakfast, certainly a major talent to look out for.
Forerunners 'Lifecycle'   (Deepblue Records)
A favourite track of mine from last year another chilled out trance vibe that still manages to pack a fair amount of energy in various twists and turns, a great track to watch the sunrise to.
Epmd Its 'My Thing'  (Fresh)
These guys often get forgotten when people talk about those halcyon days of late 80s hip hop but EPMD came up with some slamming tunes at the time on New York's Fresh Records. Phat base line packed full of funk brings back great memories.. Its My Thing.. .Louder.
Jimi Polo 'Better Days'  Urban
Always puts a smile on my face. I signed this when Jimi came into my office at Urban records and sang the idea to me complete with piano line - he had no music. I stuck him in the studio and he came up with this deep house gem which still sounds good today.
Funkadelic 'One Nation Under A Groove'  (Warner Bros)
Great tune to chill to, spellbinding George Clinton on a roll, optimistic hedonistic funk from 1978. Feet don't fail me now.
Joyce Sims 'All And All'  (Sleeping Bag)
Real new york record from Sleeping bag produced by Curtis Mantronik who was living on the roof of the sleeping bag office at the time-i seem to recall. Very distinctive vocal ideal for that late night early morning session.
Public Enemy 'Rebel Without A Pause'  (Def Jam)
From the awesome album It Takes A Nation of millions to hold us back (which I'm proud to feature on). Bass punching, groudbreaking rap- the whole album is worth digging out again if you haven't checked it for a while.
Future Sound Of London 'Papua New Guinea'  (Jumpin And Pumpin)
Great track for the end of the night, conversation has ended and you need one more tune before you hit the sack. This emotion packed chilled tune is a mini masterpiece.
Prodigy 'Your Love'  (Xl Records)
the b side to their hit "charlie" this has always been my favourite tune of theirs, amazing vibe.
Delirium 'Silence'  (Network)
Although i still play this out constantly in classics sets I never get tired of it, sarahs voice gets me every time on this trance classic.

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