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For years, DJ Hell has been one of the giants of electronic music, carving a unique path and starting trends with his erogenously-directed International Deejay Gigolos label, while always displaying a constantly foraging spirit which, crucially, sees him acknowledging both inspirational roots through collaboration [Bryan Ferry, Alan Vega] at the same time as taking techno to its next phase. Not content with readying a positively radio-active three-CD monster for this year's annual Gigolos restrospective, Hell has found time to provide the ninth missive in Get Physical's Body Language series. While making sure to spotlight current artists exciting him [Will Saul, Christian Prommer, etc], the set stands out from the mound of mix albums out there courtesy of the revealing peeks at Hell's roots and the sense of mischievous humour which is rarely far away in his work, which explains the Balenescu Quartet's string-driven version of Kraftwerk's 'The Robots'. Other highlights of this beautifully-woven aural tapestry include Carl Craig's remix of Kirk Demiurge's 'Nairobi', the elevatory party acid of DJ Linus' 'Are You Ready?', Assassin's ultra-cool Face In The Crowd, Depeche Mode's gorgeous 'Esque', Klaus Schulze's 'Stardancer', Walter Murphy's 'A Fifth Of Beethoven' and the mighty K. Alexi trading as Club M.C.M. on 'It's Me'. Hell acknowledges the beauty of the Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence soundtrack, albeit with David Sylvain singing 'Forbidden Colours' before slipping in some of the haunting theme, and finishes up with Bopwie's 'This Is Not America'; something of an understatement in the case of this ever-enthralling electronic titan.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs

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