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Protocol 7 - Dreams & NightmaresA 4 track EP featuring two tracks of uplifting liquid D n' B and two of darker dubstep tinged D n' B. 'Ocean Tide' is the sounds of summer with lush musical textures being the order of the day and fast paced tappy percussion and expansive breakdowns, mmm! 'Desert Sands' is in a similar vein; think blue skies, searing synth strings and euphoric pads a-plenty with intricate choppy beats. Protocol 7 flips the script on 'Poison' a dark moody minimal head nodder with a prominent kick and snare and ominous brooding dubstep vibe. 'Tears' sees crunk bass lines, female vocal samples, lush piano synths for a kind of dubstep, breaks D n' B fusion. Interesting EP!

3 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO

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