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The Buzz Chart - Day & Night

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 in Features

Two amazing Buzz smashes from Felix Da Housecat and the unstoppable W&W!



1.Felix Da Housecat Fe Romina Cohn - 'I Just Want To Be A Lesbian'  (No Shame/Rude Photo)

2.Eats Everything & Justin Martin - 'The GettUp'  (Dirty Bird)

3.Taras van de Voorde - 'Take 1'  (Hey)

4.Federico Scavo - 'iRobot'  (Toolroom)

5.Ellroy - '1891 EP'  (Something Different)

6.Namito & Rummy Sharma - 'Wade In The Water'  (Kling Klong)

7.Ray Foxx Fr Rachel K Collier - 'Boom Boom (Heartbeat)'  (Strictly Rhythm)

8.Mike Mago - 'The Show'  (Spinnin/Ministry Of Sound)

9.Rascal - 'Wa Wa Ne'  (Subliminal)

10.Roland and Darkjet - 'Under The Milky Way'  (George F)

11.Sugar House Fe Marieke Meijer - 'Desire' (Remix)  (d:vision)

12.Le Youth - 'Cool (Ben Pearce Remix)'  (Sign Of The Times)

13.Ridney - 'It’s Over'  (Great Stuff)

14.DJ LRB - 'Black Magic EP'  (Gung-Ho!)

15.Martijn ten Velden - 'Shake Your'  (Papagaio)

16.Terace - 'Running'  (Sweat It out)

17.Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez - 'The Porno'  (Subliminal)

18.Polydor - 'Down Down'  (Animal Language)

19.Mr.Bizz - 'Kuga EP'  (Terminal M)

20.Manyus - 'I’m Coming'  (Ego Music)

21.Youan - 'Nightwalker'  (Minds On Fire)

22.Darren Epsilon pres Eventide - 'Cosmic Discovery'  (Perspectives Digital)

23.So Called Scumbags - 'Break The Mould'  (Grin Records)

24.Ron Carroll & Emilio Hernandez - 'Lucky Ones'  (d-tracks)

25.York - 'The Awakening 2013'  (Planet Love)

26.Birdee - 'We Don’t Fool Around'  (Moveltraxx)

27.Pablo Valentino - 'One'  (Room With A View)

28.Navar - 'Fragma'  (Outside The Box)

29.Appleblim - 'Fluorescent/Past,Present,Future'  (Apple Pips)

30.Gorgon City Fe Clean Bandit- 'Intentions'  (Black Butter)




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1.W&W – ‘Thunder’ - (Mainstage)

2.Firebeatz – ‘Wonderful’ - (Spinnin)

3.Daddy’s Groove & Rob Adans – ‘Unbelievable’ - (Doorn)

4.Jacob van Hage & Impression – ‘Razorbass’ - (Flashover)

5.Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson, Peter Johansson – ‘Echoes’ - (Le7els)

6.Rene Kuppens – ‘Funktion One’ - (Woo Ha)

7.Jus Jack & Oza – ‘Love Is The Answer’ - (Musical Freedom)

8.Tomcraft – ‘Like A Roller’ - (Kosmo)

9.Tiesto Fe Kyler England – ‘Take Me’ - (Musical Freedom)

10.Eric Laville & David Ferrera – ‘Hey’ - (Pier39)

11.D.O.D. – ‘Break’ - (Vicious)

12.Depeche Mode – ‘Soothe My Soul’ - (Columbia)

13.Andybody – ‘The First Bass Is The Deepest’ - (So Much Dada)

14.Cedric Gervais Ft Howard Jones – ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ - (Spinnin)

15.Jordy Dazz – ‘Jumpfold’ - (Smash The House)

16.dBerrie – ‘Malfunction’ - (Flamingo)

17.Provenzano vs Starclubbers – ‘Mash App’ - (Net’s Work)

18.Alvaro & Moti – ‘Na Na Na’ - (Hysteria)

19.Duher – ‘Rokit’ - (Cr2)

20.Maison & Dragen – ‘WOW’ - (Trice)

21.Reid Stefan – ‘Airhorn’ - (W/L)

22.Tom & Jame & Robin Riccio – ‘Warrior’ - (Big & Dirty)

23.Untitled – ‘Animals’ - (Spinnin)

24.The Stanton Warriors – ‘MPC/Where’s The Beef’ - (Punks Music)

25.Robbie Rivera & Hot Mouth – ‘Dogs vs Cats’ - (Juicy)

26.Plump DJs – ‘Super Imploder’ - (Grand Hotel)

27.Bingo Players – ‘Buzzcut’ - (Hysteria)

28.Marcel Woods Ft Vanbot – ‘Bring It Back’ - (Spinnin)

29.Sydney Blu & Damaged Goods Ft Flick – ‘Change The Game’ - (Black Hole)

30.Monsta – ‘Messiah’ - (Awsla)









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