Where did both your musical journeys with electronic music begin?

Cali: Basically about 9/10 years ago, I just started making some beats here and there and slowly discovered electronic music. In Puerto Rico the scene is really small so it was all me in my bedroom making music and discovering music. All the Detroit crew, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox were basically my first go-ahead in the electronic music.

Jonny: In the mid to late 90’s I became infatuated with the Jungle/Drum & Bass culture at the time which was my first steps into this whole game. I began producing and learning to DJ circa 1998.

How would you describe your sound?

Cali: My sound has been evolving a lot over the years but I’ve always like to stay groovy and dark. But for me the most important is to experiment and take risks.

Jonny: That’s a bit of a difficult one because I’ve been a bit of chameleon regarding a “particular sound” throughout the years. I’ve released some hard stuff, some softer stuff to more electronica experimental stuff. So I couldn’t really pin point what my sound is, I guess my sound is what I’m feeling at the moment. But generally speaking I guess dark edged house & techno?

How did you guys meet? What kind of relationship do you have together?

Cali: We met about 7 years ago in a party in Puerto Rico, i was l 18 years old, so I was still living in PR , Jonny was visiting as he was living in Europe at the moment and we had talk a few times online and i use to send him music but after that party we clicked and the rest is history. We began collaborating a lot and working in a lot of music basically our relationship is exactly like a big brother – little brother relationship.

You have both started a new label together, Opulence, can you tell us about this project?

Jonny: It was kind of the next thing to do for us. We wanted to have an outlet to release our own productions and also bring on friends & talent we believe in. We do not want to get stuck into one category or “type of label” we wanted to keep it versatile and fresh. We think it’s very important these days when it comes to a labels longevity.

You wanted to make sure your new EP was versatile when it comes down to different sounds, why is this?

Jonny: Basically goes back to the last question. We just want to keep things versatile and have music for all different types of taste.

Why did you select the artists you did to be on your new label?

Cali: We wanted to basically have a ‘family’ or close relationship with the people we were gonna work with. So basically its people I’v booked, played or Jonny and I have an incredible relationship with.

Have you shared the decks with them before?

Cali: Yes, everyone from Cesare vs Disorder to Guido Schneider to David Paglia

Apart from the new label release, do you have anything else in the pipeline?

Cali: Lots of surprises coming up and great music.

How do you think things are progressing within the electronic world?

Jonny: I think things are healthy at the moment a lot of good things are happening stateside in the US too which is great, places like New York, Miami, LA, SF, San Diego, Tampa, Some cities in Texas, Chicago, hell even Milwaukee. And in Europe its as big as its ever been which is great, there is a good market at the moment.

In regards to the electronic music scene, what do you love most about it? What inspired you both to become electronic artists?

Cali:  We love to meet new people , share new memories and music. For us there’s no better satisfaction than seeing people smile and dance and getting crazy over a track.

Where do you both see yourself, or at least want to be, in 5 years time?

Cali: Making music in the woods in Switzerland.

Jonny: Living comfortably somewhere in Europe.

Finally, define what electronic music is?

J&C: Electronic music is the gathering of souls for one purpose which is love & music.


Ostentatious Vol. 1 is out 18th May! Grab it here: