Gregor Tresher

What is techno to you?
An important part of my life and still my favorite kind of music.

What is most important about electronic music? Must it make you think or dance and why?
I think both is important, and the real standout tracks have both. I once read an interview where someone said “The best songs are the ones that make you dance and cry at the same time.” I think that describes it quite well.

After the success of A Thousand Nights, did you feel a lot of pressure for your follow up album? Did you feel you had to do things differently?
I wouldn’t say pressure, but more kind of a posivite energy. And yes, I felt I had to do things differently. I always try to develop my sound, and not to repeat myself. There is this saying “Never touch a running system” but I guess in music you have to always try evolve, to try new things and to surprise people.

Where you as happy with both albums or do you have a preference?
I am happy with both of the albums, and I wouldn’t say I have a preference. I would say “A Thousand Nights” wasn’t really an artist album as there were quite a few tracks on it that have been released before. The current one “The Life Wire” is more like a classic album, since all the tracks were done exclusively for it. I just saw that “A Thousand Nights” got into the Top Ten Techno tracks of the decade on Beatport, which is a nice thing.
What do you aim to achieve with one of your DJ sets?
I always try to give my best when DJ-ing, and I also want to entertain myself as well. I usually only play new records and very rarely classic ones, as there is so much new music each week that deserves to be played. That’s what keeps it interesting for me – new music.

How much time do you spending looking for music to play each week?
I listen to promo and new music every day and go to a local recordstore once a week. I would guess around one day a week in total.

What makes you happiest and why, having a dance floor rocking or releasing a record which gets played everywhere?
I guess releasing a record, then playing it myself and see people like it. 🙂

How is Break New Soil doing? What are the plans for the label this year?
Very well. I am very happy with how things are going with the label. Next up is a great house release by another Italian Newcomer (Marco Effe – Malaysia / Muar, BNS009). Then we are just working on another final remix release for my album. Other releases lined up are by Extrawelt and Daniele Papini. And of course I am planning to release another record of my own later this year.

How do you decide who to work with on the label?
Well, in the end it’s the music that counts, I only release music I really like and that I play out as a DJ.

Anything special planned for your set at Cable for Vita.Luna?
Well, I’ve seen I play on the Techno floor, even though my sets are somewhere between House and Techno, as I’m trying to not limit my DJ-Sets to a certain style. I’m looking forward to the night as it is a new club and I haven’t been there yet.

What else are you working on this year?
I am planning on releasing a DJ-Mix compilation this year, so this will be the next thing I’m working on. Have done quite a few remixes over the last months, that are all going to be released quite soon. I will also be working on new music of my own.