Simon Shaw - World Exclusive Premier

Simon Shaw – World Exclusive Premier

The Makz Stanley Remix of Shades of Red covering the world’s finest dancefloors…



UK DJ/Producer Simon Shaw continues to gather momentum rapidly with his musical output, landing his new single ‘Shades Of Red’ on one of the most cutting edge labels of the moment, Lauter Unfug from Luxembourg.

Listen here to the DMCWORLD Exclusive Premier of the Makz Stanley Remix causing some incredible dancefloor carnage out there…


Interview by Ratha Gud

Simon, welcome to DMCWORLD. Where in the world are you today? 

Today I am in London and the sun is actually shining.

What was the first piece of music you heard this morning after rolling out bed? 

This morning I didn’t actually listen to anything, on my commutes I tend to just avoid listening to music I tend to listen to the natural ambiance while I catch up on emails and reply to messages. It’s nice to just give my ears a break before I get to the office where its pretty much music, music, music. The ID of the artist or track title is unknown. In the office we tend to listen to such a wide range of electronic music. Depending on who has the controls for the speakers it varies, this morning the first thing I listened to was some nice deep and soulful grooves to ease us into the day.

When did dance music first appear on your radar and how? 

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I would say that for electronic influence firstly played its part coming from bands like Pink Floyd, but as I grew up my interests in artist like Eric Prydz, Deadmau5, Daft Punk and much more…the late 90’s & 00’s where a massively influential part of my childhood, with everything across the board somehow influencing me through everyday life.

You started out as promoter in the early days – tell us about your first club promotions and who did you put on at your first event? 

Well it all started for me promoting for a local brand bring friends to the parties and helping out behind the scenes. For about 2years I was mainly just a promoter or should I say sub promoter, helping round up the crowds and to get them to come a experience something I believed was well worth the money on a night out. I was always keen to get more involved with the whole music industry and work with something that I have such a strong passion for. My first event was actually my annual house party which I use to through at home in the garden. After a few years of doing this, it got to a point where there was just to many people turning up to mine to party so I took it to my local bar which was around October 2013.

Talk us through your new single the ‘Shades Of Red’ forthcoming on Lauter Unfug. 

So this is the second release I have done for the guys on Lauter Unfug the first being a remix. After becoming very good friends with the guys, it was a pleasure to have this second release with them. Although the original I finish well over a year ago now it goes to show how long it can take for a release to get signed and released. Making use of and long futuristic sounding soundscapes to create depth to the mix. A straight up driving bassline. I wanted to try something new with the break down and play on the vocals for a trip effect on the drop.

You work on the A&R team at Defected, what made you choose A&R as a career path and how did you land your job there? 

I have always been interested in finding new music, I have always looked for music which is perhaps a little more left field to the normal, for me a good record is a good record and having the opportunity to work along side such highly respect people in the business, it s was a honour to be offered the job.

What’s the best track you helped sign at Defected? 

There have been many great records signed to Defected which I have worked with the team to get out. One more recent would have to be the ANOTR EP on DFTD these guys are on fire at the moment and certainly are bringing the fire with their music.

C’mon, dish the dirt, who has go the worst habits at Defected HQ?

You know this is actually pretty hard, I wouldn’t like to point the fingers, but I have to admit the worst is not one person, but a whole table. Our table which is made up of the whole recordings part of the business including, A&R, Business Affairs, Publishing and Licensing. We all have that dreadful addiction of it getting to about 4pm and then someone making that announcement they are going to the shop. This can only mean one thing, sweets and chocolate!

You’ve also just launched your own record label, Sense Traxx, what can we expect from that? 

I have indeed, I try and keep this separate from work and the this more a natural progression to my brand I have been running in my area for 3/4years. I have some really talented DJs and producer who are from around my area where I live in Southend on Sea. Supporting our local talent as well as having some good friendships with established artist’s in the house & techno scene I feel I can really help with a stepping stone for artists and their music. We launched with a local artist called ‘Manilla’ and that features remix from a good friend Dantiez Saunderson and a remix from myself.

Who would you most like to make a collaboration with? 

There are so many, Jonas Rathsman, Martin Roth, Riva Starr, Eric Prydz would be cool if we are talking more current, but if we are talking old school, Kenny Dope, Dennis Ferrer.

Tell us about your studio set up? 

Well this is pretty basic to be honest, 2 x monitors a midi keyboard and my macbook & a various amount of VST’s. I am currently in the process of building my studio, but its the expensive and the time which holds me back. Sometimes it’s not always about having the gear its about the idea to which you think of.

What are the big tunes in your box this weekend… 

Currently the records which have been really doing it for me are…

Set Mo – Chasing Forver (MANT Remix)

Fred Everything featuring Jinadu – Searching (Deetron Remix)

A new EP just popped in my inbox from DeMarzo which is killer

NVOY – You

Martin Roth – Maya Crackazat

Mzoullinex – Don’t You Feel.

What big gigs are you most looking forward to playing this month?

We just had the launch party for our label which we great success, I am playing for ‘Landed’ which is along side Annie Mac, Sam Divine, Icarus & Jess Bays which I am super hyped for. Also plenty more of my own parties and a few other projects in the pipeline.

And finally, what is coming out next from you studio wise? 

I have just finished a project which I am super pleased with. Dare I say it, one of my best tracks I have made. I have 2 tracks collaboration’s with Jhonsson and also a collab with Dantiez Saunderson in the pipeline. Also more music from myself and I am working on something special for a debut release on my label Sense Traxx.

‘Shades Of Red’ will be release on March 21st 2016 on Lauter Unfug