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Various Artists - DJ Kicks: Scuba (!K7)

Thursday, 27 October 2011 Compilations
DJ Kicks: Scuba
As might be expected, Scuba covers a whole lot of ground in his DJ Kicks mix. So much, in fact, that it could be said to be two or three mixes in one, such is its scope and versatility. The inventive beat making includes Beaumont’s brooding ‘CPX11’, Until Silence’s beautifully moody ‘The Affair’ and the acidic ‘Everybody In The Place’ from Quest, then leads to pumped up highs from Locked Groove (‘Drowning’) and Recloose (‘Tecumseh’) that precede Sex Worker’s twisted cover of ‘Rhythm Of The Night...

Stereo MCs 'Emperor's Nightingale' (!K7)

Thursday, 20 October 2011 Albums
Stereo MC's - Emperor's Nightingale
While the Stereo MCs should be applauded for trying something different, unfortunately 'Emperor's Nightingale' does not fully hit the spot. Rob Birch takes more of a song based approach this time, singing more than you would expect, and this robs the music of some of the urban edge the MCs have cultivated so well over the years. Vocalists Cath Coffey and Rachel Birch have little to no input here, too, which means the songs themselves become more one dimensional. While the subjects are clearly cl...

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