Trainspotting with Dominic Dawson (Grand St)

The big tunes from the big players

#1 Bepu N’ Gali – I Travel To You (Todd Terje Mix)- International Feel
What’s not to love about Mr. Terje’s productions & mixes? And this little beauty is no exception, with a bit of an Idjut boys’ vibe, it has all my favorite elements, deepness, disco, afro, percussion & pure funk.  This man can do wrong!
#2 Grupo X – Reach (Dee’s Higher Plane Remix) – Loft Recordings
Love this band, great live with the pure heavenly vocal talents of Miss Millett, I always thought they just needed those extra housey mixes to take them to a more club orientated audience, finally I managed to persuade them to let me get my grubby mitts on the multi tracks of this monster, and having sent the results straight to My man Danny Krivit in NY got the thumbs up and “Yeah that’s hot! Hit me up with a wav” reply, I stand vindicated!
#3 Grand St Starring Phillipa Alexander – Joe Palooka (Club Mix) -Favouritizm
My good friend and partner in crime Phill, asked my to put an electro swing number together as she was loving what washappening down in brighton scene where she lives, I knew I’d need some help so roped in my partner in our Grand St project we do, and long time friend andjazz don Finn Peter’s and, well the result was in Finn’s own words are “Killing dude”
#4 Junior White & Noelle – Stay (John Morales M&M Main Mix) – Favouritizm
What can I say about John Morales, a true legend of dance music PERIOD! I have grown up (unaware) listening to and dancing to his mixes, and when I was old enough to start spinning my self an realized who was behind all these great tunes have always one of his mixes welded into my DJ box, love his masterfully smooth & soulful take on this great song.
#5 Azealia Bank$  –  212 (Dee’s Kunty Extension) – Universal
OMG she hot! This girl is goin’ straight to the top ya’ll! Move over Nicky M. outta the same stage school in Queen NY she has burst onto the scene like a tsunami with this track, and has fast become the muse of numerous designers & peeps who are desperate for a bit of her magic to rub off on them, I couldn’t find any extended cuts of this so as I usually do, just did it myself.
#6 Ann Nesby –  Rise (Victor Simoneli Mix)  – It’s Time Child Records
Ann & Victor I bow down to you both on this one, as big fan of gospel house, I spent many a time dancing the night away to the Humphries dropping bombs like this, I can only say this is as close to perfection as soulful house gets…  RESPECT!
#7 Dario D’Attis – You Do To Me (Original Mix)  – Purple Music
Lovin’ this edgy little number, pushes al the right buttons on the floor, nice vocal samples and spoken word,  just enough to keep you there with a b-line to kill for and funky beats to keep you moving.
#8 Grand St V’s Lisa Millett  – Everything U Got (Dee’s Suga Bytes Dub) Promo
I had a lot of fun with my mate Lisa on this one and even more fun after she left working on the dub with sick plugin that does unbelievable things to vocals, I dropped it in Shoreditch last weekend and the roof lifted off, I think we might have a hit team Grand St!
#9 Dajae – Don’t You Want My Love (Kenny Dope O’Gutta Remix) Groove Odyssey
Dajae, always love her songs and heartfelt delivery and Kenny, man you just make it all sound so easy! Of course I want it!
#10 Majesty’s Pleasure – New Horizons – Majesty’s Pleasure
Finally “New horizons” is a re-edit I have done as part of my debut EP for Mr Yamwho’s label Majesty’s. A true Balearic classic for those of you who weren’t there the first time round, still as fresh as a daisy…  Shoom, Shoom, Shoom!

Grand St Starring Phillipa Alexander  ‘Joe Palooka’ is out now on Favouritizm