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Blog entries categorized under Back to Mine

Back to Mine

354 posts in this category

Back To Mine - Hector Romero

Wednesday, 06 June 2012 Back to Mine
"As my friends know I have a diverse taste in music.  So if there's an after party at my house you you're sure gonna hear an across the board play list of music. So here's a few 10 that will definitely go down..."   Masters at Work "To Be In Love" - MAW 1997 Probably one of my all time MAW vocal house tunes - India's vocals make my hairs stand on end. I once saw a girl cry on the dancefloor when I played this tune - she was over taken with emotion (she was ...

Back To Mine - DeadEcho

Friday, 18 May 2012 Back to Mine
A personal collection for after hours grooving

Back To Mine - Last Days of 1984

Thursday, 10 May 2012 Back to Mine
A personal collection for after hours grooving

Back To Mine - Craig McWhinney

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 Back to Mine
A personal collection for after hours grooving...
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Back To Mine - Ultra Nate

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 Back to Mine
A personal collection for after hours grooving
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Back To Mine - James Teej

Thursday, 22 March 2012 Back to Mine
A personal collection for after hours grooving
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Back To Mine - Katherine Ellis

Wednesday, 21 March 2012 Back to Mine
A personal collection for after hours grooving

Christos Kedras

Friday, 17 December 2010 Back to Mine
This Week We Go Back To Mine With Christos Kedras Who Gives Us An Insight Into His Top 10 Tracks.
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Thursday, 29 July 2010 Back to Mine
"To ask for a top ten is always tough cause there is no such thing as a top ten for me...there are a group of songs that will always to me stand out, stand alone. Songs that will never be paralleled within their own right. Songs that if ever heard, no matter the generation, will strike a chord...resonate...capture you...below are a few of those songs for me, personally. "1. Lets Get It On - Marvyn Gaye You just cant go wrong w/ classics like this one. Timeless. This song is one that brings back ...
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Paolo Mojo

Friday, 23 July 2010 Back to Mine
Antonio Vivaldi - Larghetto (Concerto Op. 3 No. 9) Largo (Concerto Op. 8 No. 4)I'm a bit of a sucker for portly statesmanlike baroque string pieces and Vivaldi's pretty much at the top of the heap. This is a short concerto piece with one of the most beautiful resolutions I've ever heard.Colin Blundstone - Say You Don't MindI've always been a bit of a romantic and this piece really appeals to that side of my character. Love the whimsical style and lyrics. Timeless.Air feat. Beth Hirsh - You Make ...
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James Teej

Friday, 09 July 2010 Back to Mine
In no particular order, these are some of my favorite tracks that often get played or youtubed late night over some post club cocktails.1. Take Me Into Your Skin - Trentemoller - PokerflatAmazingly haunting deep track from one of my biggest inspirations. This track is a work of aural art, plain and simple. 2. Paradise Circus - Massive Attack - VirginA new fave of mine from MA's new album. I've been a fan of their music for a very long time and this track lives up. 3. Baby Bitch - Ween - ElektraW...
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DJ Paleface

Friday, 18 June 2010 Back to Mine
1. Babylon The BanditSteel Pulse 1986 ElektraLove this track, brings back many memories for me as my Dad played on this record and I went on tour with the band a couple of times when I was really small. Classic track for multi purposes.2. FantasyEarth Wind & Fire 1977Another timeless track which takes me back to my dad playing this record in the house when I was young and me trying to tell him that the snap version was better (how naive!). Harmonies are fantastic, the production is so spot o...
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The Plump DJs

Thursday, 27 May 2010 Back to Mine
HUMAN LIFE 'In It Together' (LIFEX Recordings) : A great track from an act that are currently on fire. Perfect when you have just got back and your head is still in the club. Soothes the soul and moves your feet.DJ ALMOST 'Klub' (D-Classics): Found in the depths of the Soho vinyl underground basement bins. This plastic on the D-Classis series is rare and raw. A primitive disco re edit by DJ Almost that is definitely on the right side of the cool wall.STRIP STEVE 'Breakin (Lorenz Rhode remix)' (B...
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Kid Massive

Thursday, 20 May 2010 Back to Mine
1.  Imogen Heap - Little Bird One of my favourite songs from her new album. Love that she produces everything her self. 2. Morgan Page - The Longest Road The vocal is just beautiful and coupled with the dusty guitar, it's such a great song to unwind to.3. Tracey Throne - Easy The lead singer from Everything But The Girl... its all about the piano for me in this one.4. Gaelle - Moonsglow A great downbeat, almost old school chill out sounding tune with a fantastic vocal. 5. Lou Rhodes - Tremble On...
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