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Back To Mine - Rita Maia

Saturday, 06 February 2016 in Back to Mine

A personal collection for after hours grooving

Rita Maia

"This top 10 is, of course, in constant mutation. The mood is always different after a night out so I can be excited to hear something new i got, one of those obsession tracks you have to listen to again and again for a while, until you get fed up of it or one that keeps coming back in the list.  Here are a few tracks that could be nice hearing after a night out, in no particular order."
1 - Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown
A great Dub, keeps coming back.

2 - Azimuth - Manha
Good for the sunrise

3 - Lone - Rissotowe 4
Played it recently as the last track of the night. Like.
4 - Ali Farka toure - Heygana
Cool track, great band.
5 - Juju & Jordash - African Flower (Cosmic Dub)
A track i played in the show the other day, 10 minutes of space traveling.
6 - Gershwin - Actress
One of my favorite tracks of last year. Mellow, maybe good for an after session.
7 - Peverelist Meets  Tshetsha Boys
Feels like something is about to happen. Really like the whole album.
8 - Sanctuary - SBTRKT feat. Jessie Ware and Sampha
Great track by 3 Artists i really like.
9 - Beach Scene - Hyetal
Reminds me of back in the days. Almost like a Prince classic. Great energy.
10 - Down On Me - Wookie
Always comes back, time after time. Always good.


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