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Saturday, 06 February 2016 in Back to Mine

1. Max Romeo ­ Chase the devil ­ Upsetter Records
I first heard this at a  Jah Shaka dance in Vauxhall (under the arches) and it left me helplessly devoted to reggae music and its power from then on.

2. Leftfield ­ Release the Pressure ­ Hard Hands / Colombia
Probably the greatest homegrown (UK) dance music outfit ever, and this epitomises their genius. It still sounds cutting edge today ­ even futuristic ­  and features Jamaica's sweetest vocalist Earl 16

3. Fela Anikulapo Kuti ­ Expensive Shit ­ FAK
Fela's music humbles me like no other. Hard to pick any one particular track of his, but the way his riffs and songs last so long yet leave you wanting more is awe inspiring .Not to mention lifelong struggle in the face of political persecution from a Nigerian government determined to stop his positive message getting out at any cost.

4. Tom Browne ­ Jamaica Funk
Classic track that gave rise to so many off-shoots, including most famously EPMD's Strictly Business. All time music, lyrics and gives me that total satisfied glow every time I hear it. Love this tune. Always will.

5. Stevie Wonder ­ As ­ EMI
When I discovered after meeting my wife that this was one of her all time favourite tracks as well as one of mine, it has been played more than ever on the hi-fi at home. .just listen to the chorus, how on earth this genius of a man wrote something as sweet and magical as that remains incomprehensible  to me..

6. Shirley Bassey ­Love Story (away team mix) Liberty/EMI 2000
This is just amazing-a rare example of a classic tune and spot on remix, Away Teams heavy homegrown hip hop underpins one of the best voices ever.
I played this at Bens wedding and he nearly went home with me that night.

7. Future sound of London - Papa New Guinea - Jumpin and Pumpin 1992
Is this the finest UK dance tune ever? Borrowing heavily from Radio Babylon by Meat beat Manifesto this still sounds as fresh as the day it was released. Beats, bass, samples and melodies all merge in a gloriously uplifting way.

8. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - White Lines - Sugarhill
One of the most simple and effective bass lines ever and (still) a moral tale for our times. A back to mine wouldn't be complete without White Lines now would it?

9. Dennis Brown - Money in my pocket - Lightning 12"
There are so many reggae tunes I could go for but this has so many fine ingredients-a mighty stepping Joe Gibbs riddim, one of the best voices from Jamaica and an all time cool tune..and what's more , flip it over and there is the wickedest dub.

10. Slick sixty - Last of the pool sharks (Hustler remix) - Mute
We would need something laid back to wind the night down and this is it.
Chilled but not chill out ,its a sexy Fender Rhodes laden rimshot groove, warm, dubby and topped with a classic piece of dialogue from Steptoe and Son!?

'Beatz & Bobz Vol 4 Mixed By Dreadzone Sound System' is out now on Functional Breaks.

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