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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 in News

Exclusive mixes from Buckley, Noisses, Jules Spinner and Ralph Lawson. The UK smash it.


The mix:

 "Two mixes for you all. First up is a mix of mine live from Back To Basics a little while back...this mix is also from one of our Homegrown nights which is basically a residents night! Hope you dig. Second up is a warm up of mine also live from Back To Basics, this mix is super chilled at the start  and I pressed record just before the club opened. Enjoy!"

The DJ:

Where is home:

“Home is where the heart is and for me that’s Leeds!”

Describe your DJing style:

“My DJing style draws on many flavours but the roots of all of what I do is house. At the same time, after nearly 22 years of spinning, I like to think I can rock up at any party, anywhere, at any time and deliver the goods.”

What was your first break into the music industry:

“My first real break into the industry was in March 1992 when I played at my first residency Renaissance (pre Diggers!) when it was just me and Sasha. I actually played the first record at the first Renaissance and that led me to a residency at The Hacienda soon after and that was the starting point on this journey.”

Your 5 tunes of 2011: 

“There have been some amazing records this year, but some of my faves have been…

Timos & Paris Liamis - 'Hey Hoe'

Chris Duckenfield – ‘I Really Do Believe’

Virgo Four – ‘It’s A Crime’

Randoplph – ‘Golden Days’ (Aaron Jerome Remix)

Elbe Bad – ‘Just Don’t Stop The Dance’

DJ heroes: 

“Ron Hardy, Larry Levan, Derrick Carter and Harvey.”

Your DJ set of 2011:

“That has to be the Back To Basics 20th birthday which was only recently. That’s as good as it gets for me!.”

Finest record ever played to a dancefloor:

“Aleem – ‘Release’ - an old Paradise Garage classic from ’84.”

What are the big 5 tunes you are spinning right now?

Noir Haze - Around (Sub-Ann Remix)

I Really Do Believe - Chris Duckenfield

Florian Blaunsteiner - Hold On (SLG Remix)

Culture - Vibes N’ Life (No Ears mix)

Buckley – ‘Rendition’

Best festival moment:

“Playing at Glasto two years ago sharing the bill with Stevie Wonder and the hottest Glasto on record.”

Best club been to:

“The best club I have been to is also the best club I have DJ’d at – The Panarama Bar in Berlin.”

Your guilty pleasure track:

“Odyssey - If You’re Looking For A Way Out.”

Your 5 Back To Mine tracks:

Nightmares On Wax – ‘Nights Interlude’

Marvin Gaye – ‘What’s Going On’

Parliament – ‘One Nation Under A Groove’

Juggy Jones – ‘Inside America’

Victor Romeo – ‘Love Will Find A Way’

Best album ever made:

Marvin Gaye – ‘What’s Going On.”

Plans for 2012:

“My track ‘Rendition’ on Hot Creations, release the music I have spent the last year working on, some collabs lined up and a new start with a new venue for Back To Basics. And lots of DJing!.” 





The Mix:



The Tracklisting:


1. 'Higher' - Noisses ft. Ade
2. 'Entrance Song' - Eats Everything
3. 'Battle For Middle' - Julio Bashmore
4. 'Daddy, Disclosure Remix' - Emeli Sande
5. 'Soul Glo' - C.R.S.T.
6. 'Bax' - Mosca
7. 'Sprung' - DJ Zinc
8. 'Source 16' - Redlight
9. 'Countdown' Beyonce, Jack Beats remix
10. 'Wile Out' - DJ Zinc, Vato Gonzalez Remix
11. 'Girl Ninja' - Bert On Beats, Hortus Musicus Remix
12. 'Crush' -  Nero
13. 'The Vision' - Joker
14. 'Falling Down' - Sub Focus
15. 'Only You, RackNRuin remix' - Iman
16. 'Mother Protect' Nicki And The Dove Phaleh Remix
17. 'Runnin ft. Belle Humble' - Cutline
18. 'Chew Bubblegum' Noisses
19. 'Our Sound/Get Down' - Noisses
20. 'Green Tea' - Noisses
21.'No Light, No Light' Florence & The Machine Breakage Remix
22. 'Beauty' - Noisses


The DJ:


Where is home:


"Always will be London!”

How old are you:


"Just hit the big 3...0...”

When did you start DJing:


“I was 15.”

Describe your DJing style:


“Multi genre party starting!”


What are the 5 biggest tunes you are spinning at the moment:


'Battle For Middle You' - Julio Bashmore


'Source 16' - Redlight


'Higher' - Noisses


'Bax' – Mosca


‘Wile Out’ - DJ Zinc ft. Ms Dynamite (Vato Gonzalez Remix)

Anthem of the summer:


“Adele – ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (Jamie XX Remix). It’s also the best remix also of 2011 for me...”

Favourite DJ of all time:


“Thats too hard to say, I have to say a few! Andy C, Mr Thing, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Klose One, Rodigan...”

Best Hip Hop album ever made:


“Another hard one! Doggystyle? Ready to Die? Midnight Maruaders...”


Finest record you have ever played to a dancefloor:


“Because that’s so hard I'm gonna chicken out and say 'The Don' Noisses ft. Serocee.”

Current studio plans:


“I'm working with RoxXxan, RTkal, OV from Foreign Beggars, Ade, loads of new tracks for the new year!”


Favourite country you enjoy playing in:


“Portugal was fun, USA also, but UK is still the best.”

Maddest night out in 2011:


“The Secret Garden festival and also Urban Nerds ATG New Years Eve 2010 - that went way into 2011...”


“Where will you be on New Years Eve?


“At the ATG Madhouse event in North London...”

Not many people know this, but Noisses is very good at:


“I can play Basketball good! I used to be in my uni team...”

Aims for 2012:


“Just to release a string of good music, possible an album and tour the world playing it to people! Simple, right? Peace…”


Jules Spinner

The Mix:

"50 huge old skool tunes rammed into 12 minutes of hardcore aural pleasure. Remember where you lost it...!



1. Is This Real - Rhythm Section
2. Hurt You So - Johnny L
3. Your Names Not Down - The Bouncer
4. Let The Bass Kick - Success N Effects
5. Fallin In Dub - Random Noise Generation
6. The Beginning - Stingray
7. Elevation - Expansions
8. Lambourghini - Shut Up And Dance
9. Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
10. Some Justice - Urban Shakedown
11. Sooth My Soul - Justice & Mercy
12.Your Love - The Prodigy
13. Future Sound 92 Bad Mice Remix) - Phuture Asassins
14. Music Takes You - Blame
15. Sweet Sensation - Shades Of Rhythm
16. Take Me Away - True Faith
17. Right Before My Eyes - Fokus
18. Right Before My Eyes - Patti Day
19. Club Lonely - Sam Ellis
20. Strings Of Life - Soul Central
21. Is This Real - Rhythm Section
22. Feel The Rhythm - Rhythm Section
23. Feel Real Good - Manix
24. Cookin Up - 4hero
25. Take It - Alex Lee
26. Found Love - Double Dee Feat Danny
27. Hideaway - De'lacy
28. Not Forgotten - Leftfield
29. Give You - D'jaimin
30. 20 Seconds To Comply - Silver Bullet
31. Playing With Knives - Bizarre Inc.
32. Anthem - Njoi
33. Inna We Kingdom - Mc Kinky
34. Everything Starts With An E - Mc Kinky
35. We Are I.E. - Lenny D Ice
36. Infiltrate 202 - Altern 8
37. Different Story - Bowa
38. Bombscare - 2 Bad Mice
39. Unknown - Unknown
40. Fire When Ready - Gee Double E
41. Dont Stand In My Way - M&M
42. Keep The Fire Burning - The House Crew
43. Charlie - The Prodigy
44. Dreamfinder - Dream Corps
45. Take It Easy - Cedric Winkleburger
46. Different Story - Isotonik
47. Salsa House - Richie Rich
48.The House Is Mine - The Hypnotist
49. Mentasm - Joey Beltram
50.Take No Chance - X-Ray Experiments



 Where is home:

“London, England.”

Describe your DJ style:

“Predominantly house, but within that genre I’m fairly eclectic…”

First break into the music industry:

“A job at the record label at Ministry Of Sound”

Your 5 tunes of 2011: 

Aviicii – ‘Levels’
Madeon – ‘Pop Culture’
Dirty South & Thomas Gold – ‘Alive’
Shake Aletti – ‘Inside Out’ (his Majesty Andre Remix)
Vato Gonzales – ‘Badman Riddim’

DJ heroes:

“Carl Cox, Fabio & GrooveRider from back in 1990 - shame to see F&G go from Radio One next year.”

Top 5 records you are spinning right now:

Lazy Jay – ‘Float My Boat’

Jules Spinner - ‘Disco Destruct’

Nicky Romero - ‘Camorra’

Steve Angelo – ‘Knas’

Dedmau5 – ‘Raise Your Weapon’ (Madeon Remix)

Your best DJ set of 2011:

“Any of the Russian Federation clubs I’ve played. Love it out East!”

Finest record you have ever played to a dancefloor:

“Ooh something old skool, probably Urban Shakedown ‘Some Justice’.

Best festival story:

“At Glastonbury, DJing for Smirnoff in their VIP Hospitality tent and being put up in a country farmhouse overlooking the whole of Glastonbury. Watching the main stage from an open window whilst in the hot tub and then cooking bacon sarnies on the Aga whilst everyone else was waking up to a muddy morning was quite special. I think they charge a lot of money to rent that house!”

Best club you have ever been to:

“There’s no beating the clubs in Ibiza, probably Space.”

Guilty pleasure song:

Kylie Minogue – ‘Spinnin Around’.

Your 5 Back To Mine chill tunes: 

Little Dragon - ‘Twice’

The Beloved -  ‘The Sun Rising’

BBG – ‘Snappiness’

Bent – ‘Always In My Heart’

Barry White – ‘Playing Your Game’

Best album ever made:

Leftfield – ‘Leftism’

What have you planned for us in 2012:

“I’m very excited about 2012. I have a record called ‘Beat Dropz’ that is signed to some amazing labels worldwide, namely Ultra, Spinnin, Ministry Of Sound, Time and Roster just to name a few. It’s basically a vocal that was written for my instrumental called ‘Disco Destruct’ that did pretty well for me last summer. So that will be released next year and we will see how that goes! I have loads more productions on the hard drive to come too. I’m also looking for my next Bhangra Knights ‘Husan’!”

Ralph Lawson

The Mix:




The Tracklisting:


The Jacksons - Can You Feel It
Don Carlos - Alone
Soft House Company - What You Need
Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop (MAW dub) (RL edit)
Chubby Chunks - Testament One (RL edit)
Sessomoto - Moody (dub)
Fire Island - In your Bones
Angel Moraes - Heaven Knows
Lil Mo Yin Yang - Reach
BPT - Moody 
Intruder - U Got Me (dub)
Chocolate City - Love Songs
Mojolators - Driftin'
The Twisted Pair - Horny Hustle
X-press 2 - Muzik Xpress
Daft Punk - Musique
Kano - It's a War (Serge Santiago edit)
Inner City - Pennies From Heaven
Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Young Edits Sophistocated Melody Version)
Fred Falk & Alan Braxe - Intro (RL edit)


The DJ:

"I have been absolutely blown away by the love and respect that came back from the first Music Factory mix so thank you for all the comments.  It has been a real positive push to continue the project.  There is no more fitting way to start the new Live section to the blog than with my set from the 20th birthday of back to basics in Leeds on November 26th 2011. The show was called '20 year party people', and was an electric night attended by over 1000 people. It also turned out that it was the to be last ever back to basics held at the Stinkys Peephouse venue so in both ways a poignant night to record. Live music is very important to me. Hearing a track on the radio or on a ipod is a great way to enjoy music but it can not match the power of seeing that song performed live. Live shows can be disappointing of course when performers fail to achieve the sound they create in the studio but this is made up for in abundance by the excitement of the show. It may seem weird to hear a DJ talk about live performance as we are often playing other peoples music but it's about how that music is performed. The basics of pitch, key and continuity are vital but so is timing and flow. Every DJ will have good and bad sets so it's about achieving consistency, something I have worked very hard to achieve over the years. Very early on in my DJ days I received invaluable advice from a veteran which was,"you are only as good as your last record".  I always have these words echoing in my ears as I play. There has been a huge amount of debate over the last years about format. DJing had not changed format from playing vinyl records on Technics 1210 decks for over twenty five years until the digital explosion of the late 90s introduced several new ways of mixing music. The first change was the introduction of high level CD decks from Pioneer. I remember clearly that this was greeted at the time with resistance from the vinyl faithful. However CD decks became ubiquitous in clubs fairly rapidly.  Native Instruments then introduced the Final Scratch system with Stanton in 2000.  This took somewhat longer than CD to establish itself, despite being pioneered by Richie Hawtin, as it involved using a laptop which many people (both DJs and clubbers) didn't like. The system developed into Traktor Scratch, which is currently extremely widely used.  Pioneer then brought out CDJ2000 decks which allow a DJ to play directly from a USB card.  

The release of every new format of DJ technology has met with huge debates and in-fighting between DJs, clubbers and aficionados.  I myself now use Traktor Scratch Pro, which I absolutely love, but try when possibly to play vinyl alongside it.  This suits my style as I enjoy mixing loops and creating drama on the dancefloor through use of effects, although it takes a while to learn not to overuse them.  I also get rewarded with a nice warm glow if I play a slab of vinyl. However, I have been there through all these changes of DJ format and feel like it has been a good series of technological progressions.  The versatility and control I now have at my finger tips alows me to perform in ways that would not be possible on a 100% vinyl or CD format.   I do still have an aversion to using the 'sync' function.  Mainly because I am so used to pitching records.   I must also admit to being incredibly bored by the endless discussion about which format is right or wrong.  I am also amazed that an industry that has been built on technological advances gets 'it's knickers in a twist' every time something new comes along. There is only one thing that matters when you hear a DJ and that is - 'do they sound good ?'  

So back to the mix. I released my Music Factory Years 91-94 mix on November 23rd, I was surprised by the amount of people who listened to it and realised that I couldn't repeat myself again if I wanted to release a live mix from the club.  So I dug yet deeper into my archives to find what represented a good selection of tracks palyed over the 20 years of the club rather than the specific time period of The Music Factory.  It was hard to cram this into a two hour set so I didn't try.  I could have played all night but of course everyone wanted a turn to play.  In fact we couldn't get Todd Terry off the decks he was enjoying himself, so much in fact that my set is ten minutes short!"



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