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Trainspotting - Mumbai Science

Sunday, 14 February 2016 in Trainspotting

The big tunes from the big players

Mumbai Science1. Your Ex-Girlfriend - Then & Now // Weird Science

This tracks is just mesmerizing, can't really describe why but we play it every set.

2. Teophilus London - Last Name // London (Brodinski remix) 

We've always been big fans of Brodinski's sets. And recently his productions find a way in our mixes. This is a perfect example of how he combines funk and techno


3. Les Petits Pilous - Analphabet // Bad Life

Great track to surprise dancefloors with. Starts off as groovy house but hits you in the face with a repetitive techno rhythm


4.  Jagerverb - Cable // GND records

At first sight this sounds like a deep track but man are you wrong! This track gets crowds CRAZY, the breaks are really effective.

5. Mumbai Science - Alchemy // Lektroluv Records

The last part of our Unified Theory trilogy, sad to end this cool project but we're already working on new stuff!

6. Attaque - The End // Bad Life
Our favorite track by Attaque!

Future Techno at it's best. Dancing on the dancefloor as wel as in the DJ booth ensured!

7. Destructo - Technology // BNR TRAX

We've been partying on this track for months now and finally it's released! Great track that is sure to make the festivals tremble this summer!

8. Housemeister - Ady Gil (Djedjotronic remix) // Boys Noize Records

You just can't go wrong with Djedjotronic! He has been a constant in our sets for years! 

9. John Roman - T.G.S // Lektroluv Records

Cool production where John Roman manages to get HUGE drums to sound funky as hell! 

10. Urulu - No Need // petFood 

This track works perfect at festivals with the sunset - or sunrise!


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