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Monday, 08 February 2016 in Back to Mine

Let It Ride [Jimpsters House Mix]: Lisa Shaw
Lovely track to open proceedings with. A tight and mellow jazz infused house mix under a treacle sweet vocal from Ms Shaw. Coats off.
Just Briefly: Daedelus
Borderline genius. This is one of the stand out tunes on a stand out LP Exquisite Corpse that blew me away last year when I first downloaded it. Loops both exotic and contemporary are fused with lilting strings and plucked nylon guitars.This all layered over stuttered beats and bongos. Refreshements.
You A Grown Man Now: Collossus
Roots Manuva puts a quality guest appearance in on this tome to maturity. The jazzist backing is Lonnie Liston Smithesque. Great feel to it. But a good track is elevated to greatness when the melody and flow Rodney brings lift it to another level. Pipes and papers.
Time keeps on Slipping: Deltron 3030 [ark].
Dan the automator and Del the funky Homosapian came together in 2000 to make one of my all time favourite Hip Hop LP’s. This tune from it could well have been a blueprint for Gorillaz as Mr Albarn makes a surprising [at the time] guest appearance with a haunting falsetto vox. Snacks.
Slum Village: Reunion
One of J Dilla’s final pieces. A fantastic melancholy Hip Hop production. Compared to most Hip Hop the Village are always a notch up on the musical front. Blankets and cushions.
Metalfingers presents Special Herbs Vol 0 to 9: MF DOOM.
And so we arrive at over three hours of perfectly crafted Hip Hop instrumentals. Truly expert producer and Emcee Daniel Dumiles leaves the mic locked in it’s box for once on this suite of tracks that are simply perfect. Nothing elaborate, most come in at under 2 minutes and at most feature two or three elements. But this rack of old school productions sounds as fresh as wet paint. The beauty is in the simplicity and the choice of cuts he cuts and pastes. Trancendental meditation.
Time keeps on slipping: Steve Miller Band
One of the first spaced out funk rock tunes I came across as a wide eyed 14 year old back in 1979. The track was only 3 years old at the time but sounded ancient! Lilting guitar and phasing synths, chugging Hammond organ and shuffling beats. Ace. More drinks.
My Head Is My Only Home Unless It Rains : Captain Beefheart.
Don van vliet is well known for his tripped out blues and acid rock, most of which is exemplarary. This track however shows the more romantic side of his writing. A beautiful ballad with delightful country gtr licks courtesy of zoot horn rollo. Roll up again.
Beautiful and Light. Tunng.
Folktronica? Never too happy to join in the labelling of new music but this is a lovely hybrid of acoustic and electro. Folky two part harmony over light as a feather clicks and whirrs underpinned with genteel percussive knocks and the occasional snippets of found sounds. Some are snoring, some leaving. The ones left will seriously think about staying after:-
Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet [Tramp with Orchestra I (string quartet]: Gavin Bryars.
It’s 1971. Gooles finest Mr Bryars had just recorded a tramp singing. He takes it back to the studio, loops it and then a slowly evolving string quartet piece is scored over the top of it. Genius... Call cabs, Goodnight.

Fila Brazilia 'Retrospective' is out now on 23 records.
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