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Saturday, 13 February 2016 in Back to Mine

1. K Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery (Deconstruction)
"Just a top tune symptematic of the mcr liverpool divide, scousers do good tune shock!"     

2. Mr Lee - Pump Up London (Breakout)
"Energy and a great vibe, Chicago our twin city musically gives a top nod to the Hacienda!"

3. Charles B / Adonis - Lack of Love (Desire)
"A fantastic song so powerful and funky, a dream come true!"

4. Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid (Snowman Mix) (Jumpin' & Pumpin')
"For those lost it moments when the music didnt help and just sent you MADDER!"

5. Alison Limerik - Where Love Lives (Classic Mix) (Arista)
"Classic! Wouldn't you love to meet her and have her as your mum."

6. Shannon - Let The Music Play (Club Catalog)
"One of those songs you wish you'd written"

7. New Order - Ruined In A Day (K-Klass Remix) (London Records)
"If you can't blow your own trumpet once in a while, those bloody scousers again!"

8. Sterling Void - It's Alright (DJ International)
"Got me on the dance floor before drugs did, respect! The only one I can remember dancin to at the Hac!"

9. Sub Sub - Space Face (Ten Records)
"Label mates, soul mates, love em".

10. Candi Statton - You Got The Love (Streetwave)
"The guvnor! the record to end all records... best ever!"

Hacienda Classics OUT NOW available on CD and Digital Download
compiled and mixed by Peter Hook.

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