Composer - The Edge Of The World

Composer – The Edges Of The World – (Infiné)

Composer - The Edge Of The World

Composer is a brave name to adopt for a new act in any sphere, but this intriguing departure towards vocal music from Agoria’s Infiné label pretty much fulfils its blueprint, making some strikingly original music and beats in the process. The pair making up Composer are Eric Raynaud and Guillaume Eluerd, and they make an impressive statement of intent with the ballsy opening track ‘Check Chuck’, with its proclamation that ‘this time I’m on a mission’. ‘Aqualung’ shows off a more dubby side to the pair’s music, but the big beat and gritty bass laid down for ‘Polar Bear’ grows into a full blown house track that really does the job. Meanwhile ‘Seven Days’, the first track the duo made together, makes a weird sort of chant effect over jittery beats.. ‘The Edges Of The World’ proves an appropriate title for this album, as Composer explore musical boundaries with some intriguing and often catchy songwriting.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood