It takes a little while to get your ears accustomed to Factory Floor’s minimal approach to dance music – but the effort is definitely worth it. Their debut album has been long in the making and much hyped, so expectations are high – and after those first few listens are out of the way it delivers with room to spare. The mix is a familiar one, with the analogue early house and techno sounds channelled through more modern technology, it seems, but the two fit together magnetically. ‘Two Different Ways’ is probably the most successful track, bringing in some early Chicago house to rub along with kitchen utensil-style percussion, but there are other fine efforts too, including ‘Fall Back’, ‘Work Out’ and the uncompromising opener, ‘Turn It Up’. Occasionally it smacks of that over-cool 80s vibe, as if you’d dislike it at your peril, but by then you ought to be too busy dancing to care. Worth the wait, and showing much promise for future efforts!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood