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Illaman - The Hardest Working MC In The World

Wednesday, 20 May 2009 Q&A
Hi dude. I was a bit worried with this interview, I'm gonna be typing your answers into my lap tap as we go and being an MC I'm scared of you leaving me behind!"Don't worry Dan, I'll take it easy!"Ok, you're without doubt one of the most talented and intelligent MCs on the UK scene right now. How did you get into MC'ing and who were the guys that inspired you in the first place?"Well when I was 14 my cousin used to run an old rave pirate station called Absence in West London. One night he took m...
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Lion Club

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 Q&A
Yo dudes, Converse Music announcing your new on-line documentary series 'Journey' which is following the antics of your live shows, backstage shenanigans and what happens on the road - plus your music... who out of your band is the most craziest on the road and what has been the maddest 'on tour' moment?"We're all mentally unstable in our own ways, Lewis is mental in a classic old man sense, Alex in a reckless, Matt in a destructive yet peaceful, and Tommy in a influencial - if you get me? We al...
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D. Ramirez

Wednesday, 06 May 2009 Q&A
New EP 'The Wired' coming our way which is booming - out on Slave Recordings...Underground House all the way - talk us through it - the tracks have a lot of references/inspirational moments from your home city of Sheffield..."First of all the vocals are from LDV - a very famous Sheffield Pop Star who fancied doing a dark, underground dance record but also wanted to remain anonymous. The Track 'Wired' is inspired by Sheffield's industrial past while 'The Road Of Excess' is a reference to living l...
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 Q&A
Tony, you are quite simply a music institution. Creating DMC way back in the 80's, producing remixes and the record label Stress through your producers who included the likes of Sasha, Dave Morales and Full Intention, putting on the biggest DJ competition in the world which has taken places at such luminary venues as The Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena  plus bringing Mixmag and 7 Magazine to our world via your publishing house. Dance music owes you ten times over. This is all after a 20 year...
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Rob Da Bank

Wednesday, 22 April 2009 Q&A
Rob Da Bank - Festival Supremo... Bestival And Radio 1 StarRob, an illustrious career - first question, how did it feel stepping into what was really, John Peel's Radio 1's seat?"Well a weird time. That was never a thought that had ever entered my head. I thought then and now that I stepped in by default, he was and will always be the the best broadcaster of all time. End of. Just an inspiration to so many DJs. I felt like a caretaker for long."Tell us about the new book coming out that you are ...
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Cevin Fisher

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 Q&A
Cevin, welcome to the DMC world, a prolific prodcer and a DJ who plays simplym unbelievable house music. You started spinning in your teens, famously DJing at Whitney Houston's all night parties in New Jersey - what is the story here, what were those nights like - and weren't you fazed by her?"Yeah I started playing way back with a childhood friend of mine , his older brother was a regular at the famous Paradise Garage and had a set of turntables in his garage so we used to skip school and play ...
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Lisa Unique gets busy with DMC...

Wednesday, 08 April 2009 Q&A
Lisa. one of my favourite girls in clubland behind the decks. I suppose your first big break was when you started opening up for the Fantazia raves back in the late 90s, what were those days like?"Fantazia was my first big break, playing to 11,000 people which was my first ever gig and it was nerve racking to say the least! Those days were amazing and so much fun, I used to be completely off my trolley back then. I have grown up a bit now though.  Nicky (my now business partner in Vital Music) u...
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Higamos Hogamos

Wednesday, 01 April 2009 Q&A
Hi Steve and Toby, great new album just out. Analogue Synthesizers, space age pop and electro fusing with 70s rock n' roll. Talk us through it, what are your favourite tracks..."Hi DMC, just Steve here today to answer your questions...I really like Major Blitzkrieg...I was listening a lot to Harmonia as well as begining to renew my love of dance music and thought it might be an interesting experiment to see if I could fuse the two...then Toby got out his guitar and played the insane Scott's bagp...
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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 Q&A
Hi, thanks for talking to the DMC worldwide crew. You formed in 1998 in New York - your work utilizes a very modern approach to programming, but obviously has influences from some of the biggest 'electronic' legends from all time - who were your musical influences?When we first started we were listening to more minimal electro stuff. The sound was very fresh and more underground 10 years ago. Stuff like Future 303, DMX Krew. IF, etc. Obviously we have moved on from that first impulse but that wa...
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Kid Massive

Wednesday, 18 March 2009 Q&A
Kid Massive - About to blow it up again with new tune 'Can U Work Kid'Hi Benjamin, stupendous dancefloor smash that we'll come to later, but who were your early music influences growing up?I love all sorts of music, everything from rock to hip hop and jazz to classic.. I don't really have any influences as such, though at the moment I do enjoy artists like Imogen Heap, jazzanova, Snow Patrol, Sarah Maclachlan & Lou Rhodes.. What sort of music were your parents listening to?I grew up with lot...
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The Scouse Numero Uno, John Kelly

Wednesday, 11 March 2009 Q&A
My first time in Liverpool was at Quadrant Park in Liverpool you where having a piss seeing some guy asking some poor sod what the time time was and when he looked at his watch, the other guy simply ripped his watch off his wrist and walked off. A classic Quad moment. So your home city have been responsible over the years for some of the most funniest, coolest, most talented DJs in the game. Who do you big up from this era?"For me Mike Knowler and Andy Carrol were the most influencial because it...
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Miss Victoria Newton

Wednesday, 04 March 2009 Q&A
Showbizz Journalist Numero Uno!So Victoria, born in Liverpool (can't believe you're red and not  blue), studied at Cambridge and then fell into life on Fleet Street  where you worked on the Daily Express, The People, The Daily Mail and  The Sun where you, in my eyes, was the best ever showbiz Editor the paper has ever had. What made you want to get into the journalist world in the first place?"I started working on the student paper when I was at University and decided it sounded like great fun. ...
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Danny Tenaglia

Wednesday, 25 February 2009 Q&A
An affair with music that started in the early 70s, who were the artists that first grabbed you that started this momentous journey for you...?"It all started back in '73 with MFSB's 'Love Is The Message. Without a doubt this is 'Theee Mother' of all anthems and I feel it paved the way for the future of house music. Ultimately, the early 70's was mostly The Sound of Philadelphia (TSOP) as well as Motown Records that did it for me.  They both had countless amounts of artists whose sounds shaped m...
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Mike Weiss

Wednesday, 18 February 2009 Q&A
A LEGEND, NERVOUS RECORDS MAIN MAN MIKE WEISS... Hi Mike, welcome to the DMC World and thank you for talking to us. You launched in 1991, a great time for proper house music labels, nestled amongst the likes of Strictly Rhythm, Nugroove, Emotive and Maxi... exciting times?"Epic times for sure! The New York night life industry and music industry was thriving.  It took just three stops to break a house track worldwide, Wednesday night at the Sound Factory Bar with Louie Vega, Saturday night at Red...
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Saint Etienne main man Pete Wiggs

Wednesday, 11 February 2009 Q&A
So a new compilation 'London Conversations' coming out on Heavenly/Universal on February 16th, talk us through the album....."We've done compilations before (but not for a few years!) so this covers our entire "career", with singles and stand out tracks from all our albums. The 3 disc set comes bound like a ladybird book with wise words by Jon Savage and photos, artwork and memorabilia from across the (nearly) two decades we've been going."The Times newspaper described you once as something like...
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Kevin Bryant... a man made for music

Wednesday, 04 February 2009 Q&A
Hi Kevin, thank you for joining the DMC world. Well, some people have to wait until music lessons at school or dancing in their kitchen to Motown with their father's, but you had an early musical start... six months old in the arms of your Gospel singing mother and Aunt who claimed you cried in the key of perfection! Do you still have a love for Gospel?"Because I basically grew up in church, I have been able to stay connected to my Gospel roots. I was always taught that Gospel meant "the truth" ...
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Sean Brosnan (Azuli)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009 Q&A
Sean first off, what an incredible release - 'Global Guide 09' that brings us a series showcasing not only the future sounds of 2009, but also a guide to the best clubs on the planet with a rundown of the top three in each major territory to accompany the sounds. What are your favourite tracks on the albums..."This one is a real corker. We release quite a few compilations at Azuli but this is shaping up to be one of the best.  It's stacked with good tracks but personally I'm a fan of Sebo K's 'D...
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Richard Durand

Wednesday, 21 January 2009 Q&A
Richard, welcome to the DMC world. We pride ourselves in speaking only to the best musicians in the world, and in yourself, the world of trance and techno has truly found a real superstar. Before we start the rollercoaster ride of rhythms and remixes you have brought us, take us back to a young kid lying on his bed... what made you want to get into this business - what music, DJs, clubs influenced you whilst you were growing up?"When I was twelve I saw a big concert on TV from an artist called P...
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Paul Jackson - A F***ing Hero

Wednesday, 14 January 2009 Q&A
So Paul, thanks for joining the DMC world. An astounding career spanning 15 years, what made you take to the decks in the first place?"I'm just a music lover at heart really. My Dad had (still has) a great record collection. Jazz, Funk, Fusion. Bob James, Tom Scott, Quincy Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Blood, Sweat & Tears stuff like that - and I was always fascinated by there was always music around. I started buying records myself from pretty a young age, on 7" mostly. I think my first wa...
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Richard Dinsdale

Wednesday, 07 January 2009 Q&A
A definite house music future legend with a big album about to hit our shelves in January...Hi Richard, thanks for taking time out to talk to DMC. So I think it's fair to say you are on the up and up, props flying from everywhere and an album coming out on January 12th. So it's incredible how many people we speak to that say the reason they got into dance music is the sounds their parents were playing, I believe your mum was a big Motown fan...what sort of artists were drifting through the corri...
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